The Morning Show 7-18-18

Anthony, Bob Cooney & Jamie all live on the Wednesday as the news comes down that the Phillies missed out on Manny Machado & the Sixers missed out on Kwahi Leonard who went to Toronto.  Anthony preached patience & asked people to take the patience pact. 

The Joe Tordy Show 7-17-2018

Joe Tordy is fired up on this Tuesday night. He's tired of all the "negative nancy's" out there that are okay with Philly teams, mainly the Sixers and Phillies, not being more aggressive in the trade market. That they "wouldn't have won anyways" by trading for players like Kawhi or Machado. Joe is upset with…

Devon Givens 7/17/2018

Flying solo again this week, Devon asks the question, what's next for the Phillies now that it seems Manny Machado is headed to the LA Dodgers. If you can still get him, Devon thinks you have to try to get him. He also talks about the Sixers now that Nemanja Bjelica has decided to go back…