The Best Of Farzetta & Tra

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Latest Episode: The "Best-Of" Farzetta & Tra in the mornings 5-15-19
Marc, Tra, Bob, Jamie & Sam live on the morning after Sixers head coach Brett Brown & GM Elton Brand conducted their exit interviews with the media & talked about the looming offseason & what's ahead for the team.  Bryce Harper is having some early season struggles, fans seem to be keeping their emotions in…

Farzetta & Tra In The Morning

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Latest Episode: The "Best Of" Farzetta & Tra in the mornings 5-17-19
Marc, Tra, Jamie & Sam all live on the Friday after the Phillies had a long week of struggling. Are you concerned by the recent 3 game skid the Phillies had? Jimmy Butler posts a vague Instragram post that people are making too much out of.  Golf etiquette, the grumpy cat death and much more…

Evenings On The Fanatic

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Latest Episode: The Joe Tordy Show 5/17/2019
Joe wonders if we the Sixers should pump the breaks on re-signing Jimmy Butler and Tobias Harris, or do they HAVE to re-sign them? The conversation also shifts to Ben Simmons and how he may be the key to bringing the Sixers a title regardless of who they sign.