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Latest Episode: The "Best Of" Farzetta & Tra in the mornings 3-19-19
Marc, Tra, Bob, Jamie & Sam all live on a slow Tuesday morning after not much happened in the sports world last night. Phillies & Fortnite? Temple in action tonight to start the tourney, Flyers & Sixers back in action tonight & the Celtics are in town on Wednesday! 

Farzetta & Tra In The Morning

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Latest Episode: 9am Hour of Farzetta & Tra in the Morning 3/19/2019
Marc, Tra, Bob, Jamie & Sam discussed the Sixers taking on the Celtics tomorrow night... yeah, they play the Hornets tonight, but we're looking forward to THE game! They also discussed Kapler's questionable control over the Phillies clubhouse after Jeff Passan's story on ESPN.com about Carlos Santana smashing tv's & more!