Farzetta & Tra In The Morning

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Latest Episode: The "Best Of" Farzetta & Tra in the mornings 1-21-19
It's the best of Farzetta & Tra in the mornings! The guys reacted to the Championship Sunday & the great games that happened & then late in the showq a big story dropped on Carson Wentz & the guys had the author, Joe Santoloquito on to discuss the story. 

Evenings On The Fanatic

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Latest Episode: Devon Givens 1-17-2019
This is a two part edition of the Devon Givens Show. In hour one Devon leads you into Sixers basketball by breaking down their huge 12 game stretch. Following the Sixers 120-96 win over the Pacers it's "In The Post" as Devon takes your reaction and gives his opinion on the big win!