Evenings On The Fanatic

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Latest Episode: Dei Lynam 7/20/18
Dei Lynam talking about the identity of this sixers team moving forward as the major "stars" that we wanted to acquire this off season have all signed with other teams or been traded. The latest being small forward Khawi Leonard being delt to the Toronto Raptors this past Wednesday. Where does this team go from…

Weekends On The Fanatic

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Latest Episode: The Joe Staszak Show 7/22/2018
LET THE BIG DOG HUNT! Joe Staszak focused the show on how strange it is that the Eagles report to training camp in THREE DAYS and no one seems to be excited. So, he tells you why you SHOULD get excited! Also, NFL insider, Adam Caplan, joined the show to start the second hour and…

Walking Off

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Latest Episode: Walking Off - Episode 11: Phillies Win 3 of 4 vs Nationals
Check out Episode 11 of the "Walking Off" Podcast with Andrew Salciunas. This is our podcast for all things Phillies baseball! Are you upset that you do not hear enough Phillies talk on the station? Well this is a perfect avenue for you. All Phillies baseball, all the time. In this episode Andrew recapped the…

Jason Myrtetus & Harry Mayes

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Latest Episode: 7/20/18 Eytan Shander and Rob Maaddi in for Mayes and Myrtetus Middays
Harry and Jason return on Monday! This was the last show of the week for Eytan and Rob and it was a good one. They discussed the news that came out of the Miami Dolphins organization and the National Anthem Policy. They asked how to fix this all? Is one of the solutions just ending…

Mornings with Anthony Gargano & Bob Cooney

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Latest Episode: The Morning Show 7-23-18
Anthony, Bob Cooney, Eytan & Jamie all back together after Eytan did Middays last week! Fultz reports, Phillies 2nd half, Chase Utley returns tonight & how to handle Manny Machado in town tonight.  Who are the top most "most beloved" athletes in town, does Utley make the majority of peoples lists?