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James Harden Expected To Join Sixers At Training Camp As Soon As Today

James Harden was not in Colorado for the start of Sixers Training Camp. Which was not surprising. The relationship between Harden and the Sixers brass, particularly Team President Daryl Morey, soured greatly in the offseason. James Harden wanted to be traded and was not happy when the Sixers did not honor that request. In retaliation, Harden has called Morey a liar publicly, and in private his camp has told reporters he is ready to make things difficult for the Sixers. But it seems at the very least, he will be doing so from Sixers Camp. Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that Harden could join the team at Colorado State as soon as today. https://x.com/wojespn/status/1709264685118157077?s=20 ... There was recently a glimmer of hope that the Sixers could work something out that would benefit all sides. When Jrue Holiday went to Portland in a Damian Lillard deal, rumors were there could be a deal that sent Harden to the Clippers, and Holiday to the Sixers. Those hopes were dashed with Jrue Holiday getting sent to Boston, leaving little hope for a Harden deal anytime soon. And leaving fans in complete disarray that this Sixers team could be competitive this season. So for now, Harden will at least attend camp. Will that mean he will play nice? Who knows. He played for both the Nets and Rockets while demanding a trade, and managed to make things difficult for those teams despite being productive on the court. We saw two years ago Ben Simmons showed up to camp at first, only to be sent home when he became a distraction. The best case for all sides right now is for James Harden to make nice, and just play for the Sixers without causing drama. That may even help his trade value enough that he can get the trade he wants, while the Sixers get back the talent they would need to make it worthwhile. Without Harden, or a trade that brings a good player back for Harden, the Sixers appear to be way behind the Bucks and Celtics right now. So something needs to change if they are going to be a competitive team this season. [select-listicle listicle_id="451346" syndication_name="new-sixers-coach-nick-nurse-joined-the-best-show-ever" description="yes"]    

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