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Doc Rivers Never Takes Accountability, Blames Sixers Fans

JJ Redick called out Doc Rivers in the not-so-distant past for never taking accountability. It stemmed from Doc Rivers, in the middle of the Bucks collapsing after Doc took over as their coach, was as per usual, making excuses, and deflecting blame. Redick had enough of it and went off about Doc on First Take. "It is always an excuse, it is always throwing your team under the bus... There's never accountability with that guy." -JJ Redick On First Take/ ESPN Redick was right of course. People like Pat Bev and Austin Rivers pushed back, but Sixers fans who saw how Doc operated while in Philly, knew what Reddick was talking about. The Latest Excuse By Doc Rivers Targets Sixers Fans Doc hasn't learned since then though. He is once again making excuses. This time, it is Sixers fans he is throwing under the bus to defend him coming up short while in Philadelphia. Doc Rivers joined The Bill Simmons Podcast and said this. "Usually, you play better at home. The only place that I thought it was difficult to play at home is in Philly, because of the crowd. I thought it affected our players some." - Doc Rivers on The Bill Simmons Podcast I'm sorry, what? It was hard playing at home in Philly? Your first year here they went 29-7 at home. The year before you took over, they went 31-4 at home. The year before that, it was 31-10. In the last 5 years, the Sixers have the 4th best home record at 138-56. It is one of the best home-court advantages in the NBA But sure Doc, let's blame the fans for your failures here. Couldn't be you were just a bad coach, who refused to hold Ben Simmons accountable your first season here and then let James Harden freelance the next two years. A good coach in game 6 against the Celtics would have seen Embiid not being involved in the game plan late and changed it. Doc let it go. He let a cold James Harden try to control things, and they lost. A good coach might have actually you know, held regular practices. But not Doc. Doc got upset at Redick's comments. But then he just goes on to prove JJ right. Every time we hear from him he is blaming someone else. He even threw Morey under the bus despite Morey defending him every chance he got. Morey came on our station multiple times. When asked about how Nick Nurse made things better, Morey instead defended Doc. He didn't have to do that, he could have sung Nurse's praises, and made Doc look bad. But he didn't. When Doc had the same chance, he said this on the Bill Simmons Podcast. “One of the problems I had with Daryl was that he talked too much... From a coaching standpoint... trying to coach a team every day, and your guys are mentioned every day in trades, and then here comes the coach. ‘Hey, I want you to play a lesser role, or I want you to do this.’ And he’s like, ‘Why? You guys talk about me every day about being traded. I’m not buying in.’ It makes it hard.” -Doc Rivers On Bill Simmons Podcast As Redick said, it is never Doc Rivers fault. It's the players, it's the fans, it's the GM, it's the travel team. Everyone else but him messed things up. It just so happens he was stuck with players who can't win in the playoffs in his last 3 stops. Listen To Or Watch 'The Best Show Ever?' Live On The 97.5 The Fanatic And On NBC Sports Philly From 2 To 6 p.m. every Weekday

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