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The All-Time Lineup Of Phillies Bench Players

In Philly, we tend to love the underdog. It starts with Rocky, but it carried into the actual teams in our city. We might love Bryce Harper, but the loudest cheer often goes to the guy who comes off the bench and delivers a big hit. But who are the best Phillies Bench players in franchise history? What Makes A Great Bench Player? (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images) Obviously if you are coming off the bench, you are not exactly an All-Star type player. If you were, you would be a starter. Now in the modern era, with no DH, the role of the bench player has shrunk. Once you get to the playoffs, those bench bats, apart from guys in a platoon, shrink to barely anything. But playing in the NL, with no DH, for over 100 years, left a lot of room for big pinch hits moments. As a bench player, you don't need to put up huge numbers. You just need to show up when it counts. As you will see, many of the guys who made this list, did just that. Others came off the bench to give you a great glove. Some were just great clubhouse guys who brought great vibes to the team. The Best Phillies Best Bench Players (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images) So who are the best Phillies bench players? That is what we are here to determine. We went position by position, and picked the best Phillies for each one. Who is the best backup catcher in Phillies history? Which backup centerfielder made the list? Bench player can be a fairly general term. Some player starting coming off the bench, but eventually earned a more full time job. Some guys can come off the bench, but really be part of a platoon and still get a lot of playing time. I tried to keep it to actual bench players, but obviously in some cases the lines get murky, and you could argue these guys are more than just a bench player. More Phillies All-Time Lineups The All-Time Roster of Homegrown Phillies Players 8 Philadelphia Phillies Who Were Good, That We May Forget Here Is The All-Time Lineup Of Phillies Bench Players:

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