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Jordan Phillips Doesn’t Like Kelce Calling Him Out For Dirty Play

Two weeks ago, Jordan Phillips took a dirty shot at Cam Jurgens. The Eagles were getting ready to run the tush push. And Jordan Phillips didn't just jump offside and encroach on Cam Jurgens, he drove Jurgens into the ground for no reason. We all knew it was dirty, and we all knew Jason Kelce was right to call it out. Jordan Phillips is the only person who disagrees though, because he went back at Kelce when talking to reporters recently. https://x.com/thadbrown7/status/1732536719470145989?s=20 The real kicker here is “He is a well-respected guy around the league for whatever reason". Well Jordan, Kelce is respected because he has proven himself across a full career. People who have great careers tend to get respect. Maybe you would know that if you had more than one productive season. And the other issue is, this is not the first time you have been caught playing dirty. Jordan Phillips' History Of Playing Dirty Just look at that Eagles game. The hit on Jurgens was not the only dirty hit. Phillips hit Jalen Hurts in the head while Hurts was already being tackled to the ground. He took Landon Dickerson out at the knees. He also got late dirty hits on both D'Andre Swift and Kenny Gainwell. Just watching that game vs the Eagles, it seems like his game plan is to try and injure players. Oh, and he got into it with a fan too. It was Jordan Phillips who was screaming into an Eagles fan's face before his teammate Shaq Lawson shoved the fan. https://x.com/uSTADIUM/status/1728979953583349931?s=20 Phillips and Lawson both claimed that the fan was making threats at them and their family. But oddly there is no evidence of that. All we saw was the fan screaming at and heckling them. Security was there the whole time, but the guy didn't get tossed. Its almost like there were never any threats, and Phillips just made it up. He claims it would be hard for him to stop. But we players jump the snap early all the time. What we almost never see is someone jump the snap early and then drive the other person, who isn't even trying to block you, into the ground. Because that is not a Football play. No other person his size does that. They all stop once the whistle is blown and it is clear there is not a play being run. If everyone else can do that, why can't Phillips? And Cam Jurgens called out that excuse for the nonsense it is when he joined The John Kincade Show last Friday. "I thought that was kind of BS. When do you ever see someone jump offsides and keep running (with) speed through contact for like three yards? He ran all the way through me, went at an angle at Jalen. It’s kind of ridiculous. You’re a professional football player. You know when you jumped offsides, and you should stop moving. I don’t know. I think that was the same throughout the game for him.” Phillips is a dirty player. That is the reputation he has. The Eagles game, and his screaming match with a fan, cemented that. He can be upset if he wants that Jason Kelce called him out for it, but it won't change reality. I will give Phillips credit though. Calling it "his brother's podcast" was funny. Watch Andrew Salciunas live on the 97.5 The Fanatic YouTube page on Weekdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. [select-listicle listicle_id="507116" syndication_name="philadelphia-eagles-projected-2023-week-14-starters" description="no"]        

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