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The 8 Best Ways To Walk Off A Game On Offense

If I were to ask you the question, “What do you love about sports?”, you couldn’t give me one single answer. I’m sure you would say that you love sports because of the communities they create. Some would say they love sports because it gives you something to watch almost every single night. The bottom line is, there are a million reasons why we put ourselves through the stress and heartache of watching our favorite teams. I say stress and heartache because we see more losing than winning if the ultimate goal is a championship. We shouldn’t just be watching for championships. If you are, then you must be miserable. Part of the reason why we watch sports is because it is the greatest reality TV show around. Nothing about sports is scripted. Which is why one of my favorite things about sports is the walk off. You never know when it will happen, who will be the reason for it, or how the game will be won. The Greatness Of A Walk Off The game-winner on offense ends the game. It is over. The finality of a game-winner makes it one of the more exciting things about sports. The buildup of 9 innings, 4 quarters, 3 periods, or even extra innings/overtime leads to these moments meaning more. You could sit through a 3-hour baseball game, but if someone hits a walk-off homerun, you will be talking about that moment during your drive home and the next morning at work or school. You probably won’t be talking about the pitching change that you disagreed with in the 6th inning. Here are my top 8 ways in sports for a team to Walk Off a game on offense: I just want to make this clear, OFFENSE! Before someone tweets at me “Where is the game-winning diving catch?!” I’m sure my list could lead to debate, so tell me yours!

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