10th and Diamond has found its new leader. Stan Drayton, the veteran assistant, will be leaving the University of Texas where he served as a running backs coach. Drayton will replace Rod Carey who was fired after 3 putrid seasons.

If you’re a Temple fan don’t be scared off by Drayton’s resume. Hes never been a coordinator. But hes been a key assistant on many REALLY good teams. The running backs that Drayton have coached have praised his ability to teach and lead. Praise came in last night from all over, including from our own Brian Westbrook.

But Westbrook wasnt the only one. Cowboys running back Zeke Elliott, who Drayton coached at Ohio State, backed up what Westbrook had to say.

And his most recent crown jewel, Texas running back Bijan Robinson

Having worked at the University of Pennsylvania, and Villanova, Drayton has proven he can recruit in the North East. He has also shown hes NFL material as he coached for the Packers and most recently the Bears.