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What’s Brewing With Jen Includes A Former Football Player Turned Chef

See what was brewing with Jen Scordo today. Every day on The Best Show Ever? Jen Scordo shares a few recent weird and interesting news stories. Today that includes a new sports cooking show and a drunk woman didn’t know she was driving on 3 tires… Here are her stories from today. A New Sports Centered Cooking Show Is Launching Tobias Dorzon, former football player turned chef, is launching an original cooking show on ESPN+.  The show is called “Timeout With Tobias” and will feature the best of sports competition and cooking.  Some of your favorite athletes will be part of the new show as well.  Dorzon attended culinary school in the off season while playing football.  He opened his first food truck in Washington D.C. back in 2014 and has opened three more restaurants since.  He’s also competed in cooking competitions on the Food Network with Guy Fieri on “Guy’s Grocery Games” and “Tournament of Champions.” “Timeout With Tobais” is currently streaming on ESPN+. [Source - Movieguide.org] Drunk Woman Did Not Know She Was Driving On Three Tires Kids, don’t ever drink and drive.  49 year old Anna Louise Keller was driving around Seminole, Florida recently after she had consumed many alcoholic drinks.  Don’t do that people.  After multiple calls into police about her reckless driving, without a front passenger side tire, and she was finally pulling over by the cops.  She admitted to the police that she had been drinking and had no clue that se was driving around town without a front passenger side front tire.  She failed an on spot sobriety test, obviously, Her breath alcohol concentration was 0.160.  The legal limit in Florida is 0.08.  So she was double the legal limit.  Police found four empty Busch Light beers in a bag in her backseat with a receipt for that same afternoon. She was arrested for driving under the influence. [Source - Fox13news.com] [select-listicle listicle_id="541844" syndication_name="all-time-roster-phillies-free-agency" description="yes"]

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