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Keith Jones Joins The Anthony Gargano Show- Gallery

The Flyers are in rebuild mode. And there are two new faces in charge of overseeing that rebuild. Though those two new faces are actually quite familiar. Danny Briere, who has been assistant GM for the past few seasons and was one of the Flyers' star players for years. And also Keith Jones. Keith used to play for the Flyers, but is perhaps even better known for being the TV Color Commentator for the Flyers for the past two decades. Keith Jones was named as the Flyers' President a few weeks back. Today, he joined The Anthony Gargano Show to talk about the future of the Flyers. He was on with Anthony for 3 segments. They talked about the Flyers' need for a true Super Star, who can put up 100 points. Why he is confident in the group of guys they have in the building to fix this thing. And the need for them to regain the trust of the fans after years of bad hockey. But also took the time to talk to callers, and more. You can listen to the full interview with Keith Jones below... Here is some of what Keith had to say in his conversation with Anthony Gargano. Along with some Photos of Keith Jones around the Fanatic Studio.

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