Here me out....the Flyers have lost 9 straight....so what is there to lose?

Its a tradition as old as time….or as roughly 24 years since the episode originally aired back in 1997. Festivus! The made up holiday by Frank Costanza on the show Seinfeld. Youve got the Festivus pole, then the Festivus meal. But Festivus doesnt truly kick off until you start the airing of grievances.

Well we have a lot of problems in Philly sports, and now…..youre going to hear about it!

  • Ben Simmons


    This is a given. He goes MIA for the last two months of the season. Showing up but not REALLY showing up. Then there was the passed up dunk. That was the straw that broke the camels back and fans, and teammates said it. Mistakes were made, but Ben Simmons (the golden boy) cant take the heat. Ben needs a safe space to operate. Dont criticize Ben! Ben might take his ball and go home (well he certainly isnt shooting it, we know that.)

    He only returned to the team because they threatened to stop paying him. Now hes playing video games and practicing at random colleges as he waits to get traded. And we all know as soon as he is traded he suddenly will feel well enough to play.

  • Jalen Reagor

    Ignore Justin Jefferson for a second. Comparing Jefferson to a 5th round pick, he still sucks. This isnt a situation of the fan base complaining about a 900 yard receiver because the Eagles passed on a 1500 yard receiver. This is the fan base irate that the team gets NOTHING from a former first round pick.

    Jalen Reagor’s impact is forced. Hes not a good punt returner, yet hes out there because hes a former first round pick and we need to get him involved. Hes not a good wide receiver. Yet hes out there because hes a former first round pick and we need to get him involved. The only way the team is able to get him involved is poorly designed WR screens.

    Hes horrible.

  • The Flyers

    Is the whole team. There are some bright spots (Carter Hart has returned to form.) But its the same disappointing Flyers that weve come to know. The Flyers failed to do an ACTUAL rebuild. They gave out $7 million dollar contracts to two players (Hayes and JVR) who have never eclipsed 65 points. Their prospect pool is dry. They fired their coach, and dont really seem to have a plan.

    They certainly dont have an identity. Theyve been stuck in neutral and theyre trending towards selling at the deadline. And the last time they sold at the deadline they failed. New year, same result

  • Matt Klentak

    Look at the mans face. That is the reason why you have virtually no prospects to speak of. Matt Klentak was brought in from the Angels in a move to get more with the (analytical) times. It was a disaster. Analytics, at times, forget about the human element. I can pop in MLB the show and put Rhys Hoskins in center field and he would probably be serviceable. In real life that doesnt work. The move to sign Scott Kingery to a long term deal before he ever had a Major League at-bat has never paid off. Is it because Kingery cant play? Or is it because the orgnization put a player who had never played the outfield in center field. Then third base. Then shortstop. Never allowing him to play his natural position because when you have Cesar Hernandez you cant let that guy leave! They did a similar botch job with former Top 100 prospect Spencer Howard. Bringing him up and having him pitch out of the bullpen and in mop up duty.

    Then there are the draft picks. While the jury is still out, the early results arent great for the likes of Mickey Moniak, Adam Hasely. The Phillies took Moniak first to save money all so they could draft (and sign) Kevin Gowdy in the second round. Gowdy was terrible and the organization finally gave up on him this season. The Phillies were bad. They were awarded high picks, and Matt Klentak appears to have swung and missed.

  • Derek Barnett

    Let the head coach tell you

  • Carson Wentz

    Firstly, thank you for playing enough snaps to vest the first round pick. BUT you were supposed to be it. And the worst part is, you looked the part. That second season, you were magical. MVP like. Then you got injured. That would become a trend.

    Last season Carson Wentz was brutal. Arguably the worst QB in the league. When he shouldve zigged, he seemed to zag. But the lack of accountability was Ben Simmons esque. He forced a trade out of Philadelphia and to make matters worse, hes in Indianapolis and hes winning. So while the Eagles now own the Colts first round pick, the pick is falling in the draft.

  • MLS

    What Major League Soccer did to the Union during the EASTERN CONFERENCE FINALS was criminal. They handed a trip to the finals to NYCFC. Because of Covid protocols, the Union were forced to basically play guys off the street in the biggest game of the season. The league refused to reschedule the game. No one is arguing that you should air on the side of caution, but its the league unwillingness to move the game which is the issue. The Union have been the cities most consistent team, led by local guy Jim Curtin. The team didnt deserve that fate. New York City FC went on to win the MLS Cup

  • Doc Rivers

    Doc Rivers’ playoff demons reared their ugly head in the second round against the Hawks. The Sixers blew MULTIPLE 20+ point leads. The biggest mismatch of the series wasnt between two players, but instead between the coaches. Nate McMillan outcoached Doc Rivers and it wasnt even close. This season has been rough as the team has no answers for the absence of Simmons. Not all of that is on Rivers, but the head coach bares some responsibility

  • Rod Carey

    In 2015 Temple Football had arrived. Nationally ranked, hosting a top-10 team in Notre Dame on national television. It was a game that had attracted College Gameday. It was something the fan base never thought they would see. After Matt Rhule left, Geoff Collins continued the success. But Collins left for his dream job (Georgia Tech) and was replaced by Manny Diaz. Diaz however left 18 days into his tenure for his dream job (Miami) and the Athletic Department needed to act quickly. In stepped Rod Carey from Northern Illinois.

    Armed with a 6 year contract and a flame thrower he burned the foundation that was built by the previous regimes to the ground. The program has reverted back to the Bobby Wallace days, and for the first time since 2006 they fired a coach. Carey is headed back to podunk but he should be in jail for arson.

  • Phillies Relievers

    If they had a serviceable bullpen the Phillies wouldve made the playoffs. Instead, they watched their postseason drought continue and watched their rival win it all in October. Oh, and they wasted an MVP season and a Cy Young (ok he finished second) season.

  • Tobias Harris

    Tobias Harris is the highest paid player on the Sixers. A max-contract guy. And unfortunately this season it has become painfully clear that hes a very good #3, but incapable of being a #2 on a legit title contender. The Sixers needed him to REALLY step up in the absence of Ben Simmons, and he is just incapable of it.

  • Brian Flores

    Stop winning games. Help the Eagles out man. Youve made your point.

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