TEMPE, ARIZONA - FEBRUARY 16: New Arizona Cardinals head coach Jonathan Gannon smiles during a press conference at Dignity Health Arizona Cardinals Training Center on February 16, 2023 in Tempe, Arizona. (Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images)

ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter joined the John Kincade Show for his weekly hit (Wednesday at 8:20am) to discuss all things NFL. It was a great interview because its the first time the guys talked to Schefter post NFL draft when Howie Roseman and the Eagles stole the show. But in the 3rd round the Eagles moved up with the Cardinals via a pick swap because of a tampering scandal revolving around Jonathan Gannon getting hired in Arizona.

We’ll start out with the actual draft. The Eagles took Jalen Carter at pick 9 but it turns out the team wasnt sold on Carter until the actual day of the draft.

“When you start, you start with Jalen Carter, and the interesting part is that I don’t really think – and they went back and forth on him, back and forth on him for a long time. It was not like it was a a slam dunk decision, ‘Oh, yeah, we’re going to take Jalen Carter.’ But What was key, was the day of the draft, that Thursday, Jalen Carter got on the phone with Nick Sirianni and other Eagles officials and told them how much he wanted to be there and how important it was and what kind of version of Jalen Carter they would be getting. And I believe that the call he made that day, in addition to the way the board fell, were instrumental in him winding up there.” 

But the big nugget from the interview revolved around the tampering case with Gannon and the Cardinals. Jamie Lynched asked Schefter if there are some annoyed employees in the Novacare complex about how Gannon handled his business and Schefter thinks its the case.

“The interesting part about it would be this, I think it impacted a lot of peoples’ lives. Vic Fangio, for example, probably would not have taken the Dolphins defensive coordinator job and would be the defensive coordinator in Philadelphia today if everything was on the up and up. And so, it didn’t just impact the Cardinals and their job with Jonathan Gannon, it impacted others as well,” Schefter told the guys. “I think everybody knows – in any line of work – if they’re on an expiring contract or they’re under consideration, they still have responsibilities to their employer to finish the job the right way… In this particular case, I just think the Eagles weren’t comfortable with the information that they learned Jeffrey [Lurie] brought it up to Michael Bidwill, and this is where the organizations wound up.”

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7 Most Surprising Moments Of My Lifetime In Philadelphia Sports

Last night is why we watch sports. You have pride in your team, but you never know what will happen. Sports are the greatest reality TV night in and night out. Last night, we got to witness something truly special. Not just a shocking win in Boston, but a game from James Harden that we have not seen since he wore a Rockets uniform. As I drove home from my friend’s house last night, I was thinking of some of the other surprising moments in my lifetime when it comes to Philadelphia sports. The Harden performance definitely makes the list.

Check out the others as well:

  • 7 - Sixers winning Game 1 in LA - 2001-02 NBA Finals

    I won’t lie to you, 7-year-old Choonis wasn’t breaking down film and living sports day by day the way that I am now. The Sixers were the team that rivaled the Phillies the most for me as my childhood favorite. I was naive, but come on, 7-year-old Choonis knew that Kobe and Shaq were lethal. To go into LA and take Game 1 and keep all of our hopes alive was so much fun to witness.
  • 6 - Phillies winning the 2007 NL East

    There is so much to this. The Mets had a 7 game lead with 17 games left to play. The Phillies swept the Mets in mid September after just sweeping them in the end of August. And then it came down to the final day of the season when the Marlins beat the Mets as the Phillies were taking on the Nationals. The Phillies win game 162 to win the division for the first time since 1993.
  • 5 - Eagles Making the Playoffs in 2008

    What a wild wild wild final week of the season. This should probably be higher on the list because of the circumstances, but the Eagles weren’t a bad team that year. Just a frustrating season, but we always deal with that. The Eagles beat the Cowboys 44 to 6, but they needed a lot more to happen and they did:
    -4-11 Raiders beat the 9-6 Buccaneers 
    -7-8 Texans beat the 8-7 Bears
  • 4 - Phillies Beating the Braves in the 2022 NLDS

    Hi. My name is Andrew Salciunas. I am a huge Phillies fan. I tried keeping people engaged with the Phillies during the 2022 regular season. I told people to believe and have fun for a potential playoff appearance. I said phrases like “Why not us?” Well… when they were set to face the Braves in the NLDS, I didn’t feel great. The Braves are a powerhouse offensively, defensively, and on the mound. I thought they would beat the Cardinals, I thought they would beat the Padres, but the series in between was going to be hard. Winning the way they did was shocking and I loved every second of it.
  • 3 - James Harden Playing like HOF Harden

    I am more shocked that he played the way that he did than the Sixers actually winning game 1. It isn’t that I think Harden is cooked. I argue with Sixers fans every day about how good he has been for the team this season. But no, I didn’t think we would ever see a 40+ performance by the Beard with the Sixers or ever again in his career. He did that, without Joel Embiid, in the Boston Garden, in the playoffs. I couldn’t sleep last night because of it.
  •  2  -Flyers making the 2010 Stanley Cup

    This is not so much a moment, but an experience. You know the story. Like the 2007 Phillies, it came down to the final game of the season, but unlike the Phillies, the story continued. First, it came down to a shootout. Which NEVER goes well for the Flyers. Then, being down 3-0 to Boston and then being down 3-0 in game 7. The Lavi timeout, the comeback, the battle with Chicago. What a magical ride.
  • 1- Eagles Win the Super Bowl

    This may forever be number 1. The team was incredible. From start to finish, all they did was win, but when Wentz went down, the magic started. Nick Foles winning the Super Bowl, going head to head with Tom Freaking Brady, and bringing us our first Lombardi. I don’t think this could ever be touched.