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Monday morning, after a thrilling victory up in Buffalo, Donovan McNabb joined the Farzetta & Tra morning show at 9:30 to talk about the win, & also the Orlando Scandrick comments from last Friday that perhaps caused some motivation for the Eagles this weekend. Donovan understands what Carson Wentz is going through in that locker room.

During his time in Philadelphia, between the T.O. sagas, Freddie Mitchell blaming McNabb for his woes & other incidents throughout the years, Donovan is no stranger to drama in the locker room. Most QB’s usually are because they’re the center of the locker rooms & the faces of the franchises. The first to be lauded when things are going well & the first to have “darts thrown at them” when things go poorly like Donovan himself said. Orlando Scandrick went on “Undisputed” last Friday & set fire to the Eagles locker room (metaphorically) when he said “some players in that locker room need to acknowledge that Nick Foles isn’t walking through that door”, questioned the leadership of Malcolm Jenkins & questioned the overall leadership of the team & the leaks to the media. All this is sounded way too familiar to Donovan.

Donovan acknowledged that Carson isn’t even close to the problem in that locker room & that Carson clearly cares about his teammates but thinks the best thing that Carson can do right now is to handle his business as usual and “handle his P’s & Q’s” he said. Donovan thinks that Carson needs to continue is his routine & his decision making & trust that it’s the right process. He thinks once Carson has to start thinking about making certain players happy, that’s where the trouble comes into play. He needs to continue what he’s been doing.

Donovan thinks that becoming a running team is the most important thing still to the improvement of the passing game. He also thinks they need to find a way to integrate Zach Ertz into the passing game. He made note of the Chiefs offense & how creative they are with getting the ball to Travis Kelce in different ways. Donovan thinks that if they can stay consistent in the running game & can find some ways to get Ertz more involved in the offense, they can win until Desean Jackson is able to return to the lineup in a healthy fashion & return to some of the passing attack the team expected to have this season.

Donovan also notes that one game does not fix anything but if they can come out next weekend against Chicago & stay consistent in some of the areas of improvement from this weekend & with their schedule shaping up the way it does, thinks the Eagles can very easily right the ship. He views Seattle & New England as the last hurdles in an unbelievably tough stretch of schedule. He views December as the easy part & believes the Eagles can handle their business in that month as they’ve historically played good football in December under Doug Pederson.

Look for Donovan next Monday morning at 9:30am with the Farzetta & Tra morning show!