What’s Brewing With Jen Includes An “Instagram Famous” Woman Gets Kicked Off A Plane

See what was brewing with Jen Scordo today. Every day on The Best Show Ever? Jen Scordo shares a few recent weird and interesting news stories. Today that includes an “Instagram Famous” woman gets kicked off a plane and a man is suing the hospital where he watched his wife have a C-Section… Here are her stories from today. “Instagram Famous” Woman Kicked Off Flight Morgan Osman, who is part of the “Bad Girls Club,” a reality show that follows around wannabes in Los Angeles, was recently kicked off her flight over the weekend.  All for creating quite the disturbance.  Cell phone video has surfaced of the whole scene.  The 35 year old Instagram model can be seen arguing with other passengers while trying to grab her bags to get off the plane.  She told several passengers to “F-off” as she was walking toward the exit.  But the part of the video that is getting the most heat is when she screams, “Film me, I’m Instagram famous, you f******g bum!” The other passengers can be seen chuckling as she threw around more bad language as she left the plane. There’s no word on what caused the scene or why she was so upset. [Source - NY Post] Man Suing Hospital After Watching Wife’s C-Section A man in Australia is suing a hospital saying that he was allowed to watch his wife’s C-section operation and therefore has caused him to experience “psychotic illness” and also led to a “breakdown of his marriage.” Anil Koppula is therefore seeking $642 million in damages because of it.  The lawsuit says that Koppula was encouraged to watch his wife’s delivery and he saw his wife’s internal organs and blood.  So he’s suing for $642 million in damages.  But a C-section is still birth of a child, so many family members want to be in the operating room to be there when their child is taken from the womb.  This guy evidently suffered too much from that. [Source - NY Post] [select-listicle listicle_id="483733" syndication_name="week-3-power-rankings-round-up-eagles-are-still-an-elite-team" description="yes"]

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