The Sneakers The 4 Stars Left In The Playoffs Are Wearing

Jayson Tatum and the Boston Celtics take on Tyrese Haliburton and the Indiana Pacers, while Anthony Edwards and Minnesota Timberwolves tipoff against the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA's version of the final four. Their individual games aren't the only thing flashy about the matchups; each of these stars sport some serious basketball sneakers. Among them, we have two players rocking Jordans each night, one who is a Nike athlete, and one who stands alone with Adidas. As you may have noticed, each player in the NBA is free to express themselves with the shoe style and color of their choice these days. Typically, the only restriction is that they must wear the brand that sponsors them. From there colorway options and which shoe to wear on which night is totally up to them. For example, in the five games vs. the Cleveland Cavaliers Jayson Tatum wore a different color variation of his new Tatum Jordan 2s. Any fan paying close attention to the game will notice that gone are the days of wearing a white, black, or team primary color based shoe. In fact, the player does not need to match their sneaker to the uniform color the team is wearing. Basketball Sneakers Continue To Be Fashion Statements When you browse Kevin Durant's Boardroom.TV company website, you will notice there is a section completely dedicated to sneakers. In fact, one of their lead stories today is about the arrival of the KD17 sneaker. When these conference finals get underway we are bound to see many players on each team showcasing their latest and greatest pair of kicks. With each round the team advances, more eyes are on each game, which means more exposure. So, let's zoom in on which sneaker each of these players has been wearing during their 2024 playoff run so far.

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