The Best Show Ever?

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It is Eagles vs the Vikings tonight on Monday Night Football. And the number one concern for nearly every Eagles fan the past week has been one Jonathan Gannon? Will he learn his lesson from week 1? Or will he continue the trend of playing too soft and getting beat all game? That is why today’s question of the day was all about him. Will Jonathan Gannon prove us wrong?

Hunter said no. While he would have liked to say yes, it would be lie. He does not think Gannon is going to prove us wrong. Ricky didn’t think it would happen either. He wanted to convince himself, but couldn’t.

Jen has a personal stake in it though. She got in trouble over the weekend for rootin and tootin despite Tyrone banning her from it for the week after she disrespected Patsy Cline. Tyrone gave her a new two-week ban as an additional punishment. But made her an offer. If Jonathan Gannon’s defense holds the Vikings under 24 points, there is no ban. If they don’t do that, it is a 4-week ban. So she said that Gannon will prove us wrong, for her own sake. And Tyrone also said no, even though he hopes that he is wrong. So none of the members of the show were feeling too good about it. Jen only said yes because she needs it to be true.

Here are some of the best answers we got on Twitter.

We also took your answers on our record line though. But the recorded messages were a bit weird today. Here are the recorded messages we played, even if some of them clearly did not understand what question they were supposed to be answering. And you can listen to that below.