The Best Show Ever?

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ATHENS, GA - OCTOBER 02: Nakobe Dean #17 of the Georgia Bulldogs reacts in the second half against the Arkansas Razorbacks at Sanford Stadium on October 2, 2021 in Athens, Georgia.

Tim McManus joined “The Best Show Ever?” ahead of tonight’s preseason game, and gave us some things to watch. He discussed what to expect from Gannon’s scheme this year, and also talked about Nakobe Dean and what we can expect from him. Here is some of what he had to say.

On if We Will See a Change Top Gannon’s Scheme

“Gannon needs to make some modifications from the way he ran his defense last year. Way too soft in coverage in spots. All these things led to a low sack count, and low turnovers. But some of that also comes down to personnel. I think when you look at the addition of Hasson Reddick that can help change things. Not to mention the addition of Brandon Graham from injury. Having them, and Josh Sweat, off the edge, that should make for a good combination that gets pressure on the QB. That in turn allows the cornerbacks to be a bit more aggressive. So the biggest change you might see is a personnel grouping that should lead to better performance, including from the defensive coordinator.”

On Who He Is Most Interested In Watching Tonight

“Nakobe Dean may be the answer there. It’s between him and Jordan Davis. But Dean is really interesting because of where he ended up going in the draft, and how good of a player he was in college. He had kind of a quiet summer in training camp this year. And whether that means absolutely nothing and the lights come on and Dean is who he was in Georgia, or if it’s going to take some time. One of the first impressions I had is that he is not as big as you expect him to be. He’s a little bit of a smaller linebacker. He’s somebody who was able to overcome a lot that with his intelligence and his instincts. I’m curious to see how he functions on defense. I would expect to see a bunch of Nakobe Dean, and I can’t wait to see how that turns out.”

You can listen to the full interview here…