BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS - FEBRUARY 11: Payton Pritchard #11 of the Boston Celtics defends Kyle Lowry #7 of the Toronto Raptors during the second quarter at TD Garden on February 11, 2021 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Dont get your Sixers Kyle Lowry jersey justttt yet. Kyle Neubeck, who does a great job covering the Sixers for Philly Voice, put out a story Wednesday Night that was a punch in the gut for the fans who want to see Lowry don a Sixers uniform. It cited a Raptors insider from Toronto named Michael Grange who says that Lowry is staying put in the 6. Im not going to pretend to act like I didnt JUST find out who Michael Grange is, but Kyle says hes the premier Raptors insider so Ill take Kyle’s word on it.

The Sixers under Elton Brand have shown a willingness to go “all in.” In his first year he struck a deal to acquire Jimmy Butler. He added Tobias Harris. Even when they were the 6th seed, and it was obvious to anyone who watched the sport of basketball and was an objective Sixers fan that the team wasn’t going to contend for a championship Elton bought Alec Burks and Glen Robinson III. So with the Sixers currently sitting in the #1 seed it led a lot of Sixers fans, myself included, to assume the team is going to pull off a big move.

The Sixers were in on James Harden, until they were outbid by the Nets. They’ve been linked to many trade targets in the last few weeks, as the Nets are starting to add via the veteran buyout market. We simply might be setting ourselves up as Sixers fans for “disappointment.” and when I say disappointment I mean Elton and Morey go out and solidify the bench, but don’t make that splashy move that has fans setting up their bubble down on Broad Street for the parade.

As a Cardinal Dougherty Alum (07!) I wouldve led to see my fellow Cardinal come back home and try and win a championship for his hometown team. Lowry’s agent put down the notion that Lowry wants to leave Toronto. And while I buy that, because who wants to move?! I also think that Lowry would love to come back to Philly. A city that he still has deep roots in.

Obviously this is one report, and maybe the Raptors have a change of heart, or theyre simply posturing trying to get a better offer. But its not the kind of report you probably wanted to see if you were in the “trade for Lowry” camp.