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What’s Brewing With Jen Includes Incorrect 3-Point Lines

See what was brewing with Jen Scordo today. Every day on The Best Show Ever? Jen Scordo shares a few recent weird and interesting news stories. Today that includes incorrect 3-point lines, and a first grader joins Mensa… Here are her stories from today. Incorrect 3-Point Lines At The Women’s NCAA Tournament The Moda Center in Portland hosted several NCAA women’s tournament games over last weekend.  One of the being ones was NC State and Texas, where NC State won 76-66.  However, shortly before the game started, officials noticed that the 3-point line on one end of the court was shorter than the other.  The coaches were given the option of either delaying the game by an hour or so to redo the lines or play the game as scheduled.  The coaches choose the latter.  According to ESPN, six games were played with those incorrect lines and the teams did worse from the shorter 3-point line.  Obviously, there was no advantage of one team over the other since they flip sides at halftime.  The NCAA is investigating the company that was responsible.  And they have fixed the problem. [Source -] First Grader Joins Mensa A 6-year-old in Monroe, Louisiana has joined Mensa, the organization for those who score 98th percentile in standardized testing.  Taurian Collins was born with hearing loss and a genius IQ.  He started reading at the age of two.  However, he couldn’t communicate due to his hearing loss.  His mom had him tested several times for autism, but doctors repeatedly told her that he wasn’t autistic, he just couldn’t hear.  An assessment of “Chunk,” as his mom calls him, shows that his overall cognitive functioning skills are in the 99/7th percentile.  With that kind of intelligence, what does 6-year-old Taurian want to do with his life?  He wants to be an NFL player and an astronaut; he also says he will be going to Harvard at the age of 13. [Source -] [select-listicle listicle_id="520514" syndication_name="every-40-point-game-by-joel-embiid" description="yes"]

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