The NHL is BACK! and the Flyers now have their schedule! The Flyers will be playing in the Eastern division, in an effort by the league to limit the amount of travel. the Eastern division will be made up of the Flyers, the Rangers, the Islanders, the Devils, the Bruins, the Capitals, the Sabres and the Penguins. Its arguably the toughest division in the league. The highlights are a season opener against the Penguins. The regular season wrapping up on May 8th against the Capitals. and many many back to backs.

There are no times yet for games. All games can be heard on 97.5 the Fanatic unless noted otherwise.

here is the schedule.


January 13th vs Pittsburgh

January 15th vs Pittsburgh

January 18th vs Buffalo

January 19th vs Buffalo

January 21st @ Boston

January 23rd @ Boston*

January 26th @ New Jersey

January 28th @ New Jersey

January 30th vs the Islanders

January 31st vs the Islanders*

February 3rd vs Boston*

February 5th vs Boston

February 7th @ Washington

February 9th @ Washington*

February 11th vs New Jersey*

February 13th vs New Jersey*

February 16th @ Rangers

February 18th vs Rangers

February 21st @ Boston*

February 24th vs Rangers

February 26th @ Buffalo

February 28th @ Buffalo

March 2nd @ Pittsburgh

March 4th @ Pittsburgh

March 7th @ Boston

March 9th vs Buffalo

March 11th vs Washington

March 13th vs Washington

March 15th @ the Rangers

March 17th @ the Rangers

March 18th @ the Islanders

March 20th @ the Islanders

March 23rd vs New Jersey

March 25th vs the Rangers

March 27th vs the Rangers

March 29th @ Buffalo

March 30th @ Buffalo

April 3rd @ the Islanders

April 5th vs Boston

April 6th vs Boston

April 8th @ the Islander

April 11th vs Buffalo

April 13th @ Pittsburgh

April 15th @ Pittsburgh

April 17th vs Washington

April 18th vs the Islanders

April 20th @ New Jersey

April 23rd @ the Rangers

April 15th vs the Islanders

April 27th vs Washington

April 29th @ New Jersey

May 1st vs New Jersey

May 3rd vs Pittsburgh

May 4th vs Pittsburgh

May 7th @ Washington

May 8th @ Washington


*  = possibility of game being on WMMR because of conflict