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The 5 Numbers That Tell The Story of Eagles vs Seahawks: By Dylan MacKinnon 3-7-1. There is no sugar coating, no silver linings. Eleven weeks in and they only have 3 wins, and the chances for…

You have to love Thunder GM Sam Presti. He’s like Thanos trying to get the Infinity Stones, but in Presti’s case he’s trying to get every first round pick from now until 2030. Granted, most he’s acquired so far are going to probably be in the 20’s or later, but hey! That un-quenching thirst was a gift to the Sixers who were looking to write the wrong that was made last offseason.


Ok! Sixers get their shooter in Danny Green, give up pick 21 and one of their four second rounders. Good on ya Elton…



THIS PICK ISNT UNTIL 2025?! Love it! Like my credit card in college “ill worry about that later…” Now is “later” and I’m 12k in debt but hey, 2011 was a good year in the Egan household.


This one stings me. Ive been waiting for Micic to come over for quite some time. I even tweeted about him today:

Micic looks to be a player but you never know until they actually come over. He may have come over this year but the pandemic threw a wrench into that. A draft and stash during the Hinkie era I will surely watch him flourish in OKC and rue the day….but hey, Horford’s gone so there’s room to celebrate!