Kevin Hayes #13 of the Philadelphia Flyers looks on against the New York Rangers at Wells Fargo Center on March 01, 2023 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We were told things were going to change with the Flyers. That this would be a true multi-year rebuild. And with those types of rebuilds, it usually means selling everything that is not bolted down. And the Flyers seem to be doing just that. They are trading Kevin Hayes to the Blues for a 6th-round pick in 2024 and will retain half of his salary, per Kevin Weekes, of ESPN. 

[Source: Kevin Weekes]

The deal was initially supposed to be more complex. Originally there was word that Tavis Sanheim and even some other pieces would be involved. But Torey Krug would not waive his no-trade clause. So in the end it winds up just being Kevin Hayes for a late draft pick.

Danny Briere and Keith Jones seem to be wasting no time with this rebuild. They had already traded away Ivan Provorov for a decent haul. There are rumors that they are having talks about moving Carter Hart. And now this. But unlike the Provorov trade, they are not getting much back here. Just a 6th round pick so they can get some of Kevin Hayes money off the books.

Other deals are already in the works. A trade sending Tony DeAngelo back to the Carolina Hurricanes is in the works. But complications in the NHL rules could keep that trade from going through until later in July. The reason is they acquired DeAngelo from the Canes last season, and teams can’t swap the same player twice in the same year.

Kevin Hayes never really seemed to fit in on John Tortorella’s team. He got on the Flyers coach’s bad side early on and never worked his way out of the doghouse. He seemed like an obvious candidate to be traded. People probably hoped it would be for more. But Danny Briere’s hands were a bit tied by the bad contract Chuck Fletcher gave Hayes.

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Choonis and the Bro Share 11 Pet Peeves to Avoid When Traveling

Travel tips populate the internet constantly.

Everyone wants to know the best vacation spots, the best places to eat, the best shows to see, and any other events taking place at a particular destination.

Andrew Salciunas and Jamie Lynch took a different spin on travel tips during the 97.5 The Fanatic Midday Show.

Travel Tips: Avoiding Pet Peeves

What about the things to avoid? There are pet peeves that any traveler has to deal with, and some people fuel the fire that drives other people crazy.

Andrew returned from his trip to Mexico last week with some important life takeaways. He opened the floor to listeners to share their best (worst) answers, and the topic took off.

Jamie brings past experience traveling all across the country on Sunday Night Football every weekend throughout the fall. He’s seen a few airports, and he’s experienced a few nightmares.

Producer Ray Dunne drew from his experiences traveling as the play-by-play announcer for the Temple Women’s Basketball team during his college years. The job came with some late nights and some frustrating realities.

Fanatic callers love a good opportunity to vent their daily frustrations, and they answer the call by offering some travel tips that you probably haven’t heard before.

People Leaving the Plane Before It’s Their Turn

Severe weather over the weekend forced Andrew to wait through the “Little League Baseball Rule,” when a plane has to cautiously wait immediately after a pilot sees lightning.

Travel delays might be annoying, but they’re annoying for everyone.

It doesn’t excuse the woman who got up from one of the back seats and darted off the plane before it was her turn.

When a plane lands, the passengers in the front rows take their bags and exit in order. The people in the back just have to wait.

airplane wing

R. Pitts for BBGI

  • The Converse: Taking Too Long At the Front

    Conversely, if you’re at the front of the plane, you need to recognize that the system will bug the people at the back of the plane.

    Get your bag quickly, and get off the plane.

    It’s also not a shocker that a fist class passenger might not be too considerate of a coach passenger.

    Commercial aircraft cabin with rows of seats down the aisle

    Getty Royalty Free

  • The "BO Guy" on a Plane

    It’s tough to get stuck next to the BO guy.

    It should go without saying, but maybe it doesn’t.

    Don’t be the smelly kid in class.


  • The Airport Counter

    If an airport counter has a line, it provides people with time to get settled with what they need before they reach the front of the line.

    Jamie clearly spoke from a bad experience when he threw out a common excuse from a person who didn’t use the time to prepare.

    “Where’s my license? Honey, do you have it?…”

    Speed and efficiency is key. There are signs everywhere saying to get your ID, boarding pass, and any other paperwork ready.


  • Using the Bathroom on a Plane

    Sometimes, it’s a necessity. A long plane ride might include a trip to the bathroom.

    However, getting up to use the bathroom doesn’t give you the right to grab the headrest of the seat in front of you to pull yourself out the airplane seat.

    The person sitting in the other seat doesn’t need to fall backwards so you can have leverage to stand up.

    airplane bathroom door

    Getty Royalty Free


  • Trying to Fit an Oversized Bag Into the Overhead Bin

    All travelers want to avoid bag fees.

    However, you have to know before you leave for vacation if your bag will fit in an overhead storage area. Have some foresight. Either cram stuff into a smaller bag or just pay the bag fee.

    stuffed overhead bin

    Getty Royalty Free

  • Eating on the Plane

    Jamie wants a ban on “all borderline stinky food.”

    There’s no need to bring an egg salad sandwich on a plane.


  • Taking Shoes Off On A Plane

    Keep your shoes on in settings where other people can smell your feet. 

    People who take their shoes off and put their feet up in front of them are even worse.

    socks on a plane

    Getty Royalty Free

  • A Weakness of the Hotel Industry

    A hotel room might not provide you with your preferred cable service, which is a reality most vacationers are willing to accept.

    If that’s the case, why wouldn’t the hotel provide you with a channel lineup for a service/area that guests are unfamiliar with?

    Clean white bath towels on the neatly clean bedroom - coziness and clean concept

    Getty Royalty Free

  • Slow Vehicles in the Left Lane

    It’s an easy one for a road trip.

    It’s a basic rule of the highway, and people need to follow it. Slow drivers should stay on the right side, so faster drivers can pass on the left side.

  • Texting and Driving

    Keep your eyes on the road!

    close up driver woman hand holding smartphone for using GPS navigation of travel destination and swipe for reading data on web browser or texting message online for contact while parking , journey lifestyle concept

    Getty Royalty Free

  • Andrew Salciunas and Jamie Lynch

    Andrew Salciunas and Jamie Lynch will be filling in for Anthony Gargano as co-hosts until July 14. Tune in weekdays from 10am-2pm.

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