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See what Andrew Salciunas found in The Audio Vault today. Every day on The Anthony Gargano Show, Andrew dives into the Vault to pull out some Audio relevant to the day. It may be famous birthdays, things that happened on this day in history, or more. Today, they went back to the 1983 Finals, which closed out 40 years ago today.

It has been exactly 40 years since the Sixers last won an NBA Championship. On this day in 1983, the Sixers finished their sweep of the Lakers to win a ring. Dr. J finally got a ring, thanks in large part to the MVP Mose Malone helping carry the team over that stumbling block for the Sixers. Mose Malone promised “Fo, Fo, Fo.” They very nearly lived up to that. It was more like “Fo, Fi, Fo,” as Malone later put it. They lost just one game on their way to the only NBA Championship for the Sixers during the Dr. J era.

So today in The Audio Vault, Andrew played some of the sounds from that game 4. Highlights of Mose Malones’ 24 pt 23 rebound night. The Lakers making a furious push at one point. Bobby Jones shooting the Sixers back into the game. Lakers taking a late lead. The Sixers storming back again. And then of course the finals moments where the Sixers win the game to finish the sweep and become NBA Champions.

Relive the 1983 Finals with Anthony and Andrew in today’s Audio Vault:

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Audio Vault- Ryan Howard Hits A 3rd Deck HR

See what Andrew Salciunas found in The Audio Vault today. Every day on The Anthony Gargano Show, Andrew dives into the Vault to pull out some Audio relevant to the day. It may be famous birthdays, things that happened on this day in history, or more. Today that included a massive HR by Ryan Howard, Mike Schmidt retiring, Albert Bell turning Baseball into a contact sport, a Mike Tyson Fight, and the debut of Barry Bonds.

What audio did Andrew play for each of those things? Here is the lineup from today’s Vault, and you can listen to the full thing at the bottom of the article.

  • Ryan Howard 3rd Deck Grand Slam

    Only 2 balls have landed in the 3rd deck at Citizens Bank Park. Both came off the bat of Ryan Howard. Barry Bonds got up there, but it bounced off the 3rd deck rail. Ryan Howard’s landed in the seats. One of those happened on this day in 2009. And it came with the bases loaded. He hit the grand slam off the Nationals to put the Phillies up 10-3.

  • Mike Schmidt Retires Mid-Season

    Yesterday, in 1989, Mike Smidht surprised everyone by retiring mid-season. He was scuffling badly to that point in the season, with just 6 HRs and a batting average of .203. So he shocked everyone by hanging up his cleats 2 months into the season. And Andrew uncovered a old newscast where NBC 10 sent out a man on the street to get the reaction from fans to the news. Some were surprised. Others understood and wished the best for Schmidt. And others were upset and thought he was quitting on the team.

  • Albert Bell Turns Baseball Into a Contact Sport

    Other than a collision at the plate, Baseball has never really been a sport with a lot of contacts. And now you cant even collide at the plate. But on this day in 1996, Albert Bell decided he wanted to straight up tackle someone. He was on first base, and the batter hit a ground ball to 2nd Baseman Fernando Vina. Bell was not going to let there be a double play though. He ran right into Vina, knocking him too the ground. Shockingly, it was allowed. The runner was ruled safe at first.

  • Mike Tyson vs Pinklon Thomas

    On this day in 1987, Pinklon Thomas entered the ring vs Mike Tysopn, with the Heavyweight Title on the line. Things did not go well for Thomas. Give him credit, he survived for 5 rounds. But he was taking a beating. it nearly led to a first-round knockout. But instead it took until round 6 for him to go down.

  • Barry Bonds Makes His Debut

    On this day in 1986, Barry Bonds made his MLB debut. Steroids or not, he was one of the best hitters of all time? Just how good was he? Well, he once got walked intentionally with the bases loaded. The Giants trailed by 2 in the 9th inning vs the D-Backs. The bases were full, with 2 outs, and Barry Bonds came to the plate. And Buck Showalter made the curious choice to walk him, not giving him a chance to do more damage than that. And it worked, after walking in a run to make it just a 1-run game, the D Backs got out of the inning and won the game.

  • You can listen to the full Audio Vault below...



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