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PHILADELPHIA, PA - FEBRUARY 12: Philadelphia Eagles fans react after the Philadelphia Eagles lose the Super Bowl at City Tap House on February 12, 2023 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Philadelphia Eagles play the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LVII in Glendale, Arizona today.

In his Opening Diatribe this morning, Anthony wondered if it is possible to feel worse today than he did yesterday…

“Is it possible to feel worse? I get the feeling we are all in the Post-Super Bowl malaise. A day after sleeping on it. We all watched the game Sunday night. Then we don’t sleep, and we react to it yesterday. And a day later after a good night’s sleep, I woke up and I kind of feel worse. If that makes any sense. Im laughing because it is something called gallows humor. We laugh so we don’t cry. 

I still don’t know how they didn’t win the game. Play that game over, I keep thinking back, they outplayed Kansas City. They did. They were the better team. It sounds stupid, I grant you, but they were the better team. Quite frankly, I can’t believe we are sitting here, and there is going to be no parade. I can’t believe they lost the game. I’m not blaming anything, other than I feel the universe conspired against us. If you replay that game, I think 7 out of 10 times the outcome is different… You have the Hurts fumble. They overcame it. But without that fumble, they are going to score on that drive. You were at midfield, and the way the field was tipping, I really believe they score. Instead of having the 10-point lead, they could have maybe had a larger lead at halftime. That is entirely possible.

But that doesn’t change the second half. The Chiefs were amazing offensively in the second half. It is one of those games that is haunting. I feel haunted by it…

Someone said that that game was worse than Tampa. And it was. The game itself was more insidious than the Tampa game. There were so many ways they should have won… In this game, the Eagles outplayed the Chiefs. The only thing about Tampa that was worse, was that we hadn’t won the Super Bowl. The only thing that is standing in the way of this loss being the worst in the history of Philadelphia, is that we won it in 2018. If we had not won it in 2018, I would fear for the sanity of Philadelphia. That game was torturous.”

And you can listen to his Opening Diatribe from this morning below…

Live Updates: Super Bowl LVII- Eagles vs Chiefs

It all comes down to this. The Eagles went 14-3 in the regular season before steamrolling through both the Giants and 49ers, to make it here. Eagles vs Chiefs in Super Bowl LVII. Will the Eagles win their Second Super Bowl in team history? Will we get to parade down Broad Street again? Or will The Chiefs pull it out instead? Follow along here for live updates, pregame news, scores, big plays, and more.

  • Chiefs Take The Lead on FG with 8 seconds to Go

    And after that call, the Chiefs were able to run the clock down and hit a go-ahead FG with nearly any time left. And that was all she wrote. The Eagles fell to the Chiefs 38-25. All they had time left for was a hail mary that landed well short.


  • That is not Defensive Holding

    Let’s make this clear. The Eagles’ defense lost them this game. If they get a stop earlier, or any stops all game, it does not come down to one play. But with that said, a horrible defensive holding call on James Bradberry killed any Eagles’ chance to try and come back. It is not why they lost. But it is still an inexcusable flag.

  • Another Hurts Scramble on a 2pt Try Ties it up

  • And The Hurts Sneaks It Into the End Zone for his 3rd Rushing TD of the Game

  • Hurts Hits Devonta Smith on Huge Play to Get Them Into The Red Zone

    Just when things looked grim, Hurts hit Smith on a massive deep ball to get them to the 2 Yard Line!



  • And the Chiefs Score Again to got up 8

  • Long Chiefs Punt Return Sets Them Up in Red Zone

  • Chiefs Take Their First Lead of the Game


  • Another One

    Travis Kelce is not the only great TE in this game. That makes two huge 3rd down conversions on one drive by Dallas Goedert. Even if we had to wait through another tedious review on this one.

  • Who says Hurts Can't Throw?

    It has been a bad night for the Hurt’s cant throw crowd. Another beautiful throw to convert on 3rd down.

  • Chiefs Go Right Down The Field and Score on First Drive of 2nd Half

    The Chiefs won’t go down that easily. After being stopped on their last two drives in the first half, they move right down the field on their first drive of the second half, ending with an Isiah Pacheco TD.

  • Eagles Kick FG, Go into Half time up 24-14!

    A long Britain Covery punt return, followed by a few first downs, put the Eagles into Field Goal range so Jake Elliott good hit an Fg just before the half. The Eagles held the league’s #1 offense to just 7 points in the first half. And Eagles scored 3 TDs, plus an FG. Short of an ugly fumble that led to a Chiefs TD, hard to draw up a better first half than that.

  • Devonta Catches It, or Does He?

    Deja Vu? Once again Devonta Smith made a spectacular sideline leaping catch. But it was bobbled slightly when it hit the ground. And after what felt like a 30-minute review, the refs overturned it. But still, what a play.

  • Eagles Force a {unt, and Mahomes Gets Injured

    On the next drive after that TD, the Eagles got a stop on 3rd down to force a punt. But more importantly, Mahomes tweaked his ankle sprain and was badly limping off the field. We will have to see if he can come back in, but it did not look good.

  • And then Hurts puts the Eagles back on top

    What a drive by Hurts. After fumbling it the last time, he came back with a vengeance to nearly take it down the field by himself and ends it with his 2nd rushing TD of the game. MVP?

  • Hurts Huge Run in 4th Down

    Sirianni has guts. Midfield, 4th and 5, and he went for it. And Hurts made up for the fumble with a huge run to convert it and get into the Red Zone. What a play call and what a play.

  • Two bad Mistakes Leads to a Chiefs Fumble Return

    First, it was Seumalo getting a false start turning a 3rd and inches into a 3rd and 6. On the next play, Hurts fumbled it, leading to a TD the other way.

  • Hurts Connects with AJ Brown Through Double Coverage For Deep TD

    Brown had been quiet in the playoffs. But that is why you went out and traded for him. What a throw, and what an even better catch!

  • Doink! Butker misses FG Attempt

    Eagles got the stop on 3rd down with Reddick forcing Mahomes into an errant pass. And then Butker doinks the FG attempt off the post.

  • Patrick Mahomes finds Travis Kelce to Tie The Game Up

    Well, that lead didn’t last long. The Chiefs went down the field just as easily as the Eagles did. At this rate, Donna Kelce may get her wish for a high-scoring game.

  • Jalen Hurts Strikes First to Put Eagles up 7-0

    That makes it 3 straight games where the Eagles get then ball first, and go right down the field to score a TD.

  • Chiefs Wins the Toss, Eagles Will Receive The Ball First

    Chiefs called tails, and it was tails. They deferred and the Eagles will get the ball first. Remember, Eagles had the ball first in both playoff games and scored a Touch Down both times.

  • Nick Sirianni Emotional Before The Game

    We feel you Nick. Sirianni was doubted as much as anyone this year. But now here he is coaching in the Super Bowl. Siriannio earned this, and he earned a good cry before the game.

  • Eagles Take the Field

  • Eagles Pre-Game Gallery

    Super Bowl LVII- Eagles vs Chiefs- Pre-Game Gallery
  • Jalen Hurts Warming Up Pre-Game

  • Chiefs Inactives

    The big news here is no Clyde Edwards-Helaire. There seemed to be progress for him being able to play during the week. But apparently, it was not enough. That will leave the RB duties still up to Isiah Pacheco and Jerick McKinnon, who have been handling most of the season anyway. Otherwise no big surprises. It looks like both teams will have everyone they were expected to have.

  • Eagles Inactives

    No surprises here. Most of these guys have been inactive for most of the season. There was some question of if Arryn Siposs would return, but with him back, it meant Brett Kern would be inactive. The one thing that was still a question was the status of punt returner Britian Covey. He went through pre-game warmups, and it looks like he is good to go.

  • Arryn Siposs Is Back In

    Eagles Punter Arryn Siposs has missed the last six games after suffering an injury in the Eagles’ first game against the Giants. They signed Brett Kern to replace him, but he has not punted that well. But the Eagles will have their starting Punter back for the Super Bowl. Arryn Siposs will be active.

  • Eagles Heading Out To The Game