Sixers President of basketball operations Daryl Morey joined Mike Missanelli today and discussed Charlie Brown’s first start the Ben Simmons saga. It has been a competition to see which side blinks first between the Sixers and the Ben Simmons camp. Simmons is currently sitting out, and seems as if he is perfectly content with sitting out the entire season. Its his quest to get away from the greatest basketball player on the planet right now. Because anytime you have a chance to get away from a Joel Embiid type player, you do it! (heavy sarcasm font.)

Daryl Morey’s message to Mike and the audience was that the Sixers have to get this right.

“If you trade one of these great players for multiple (players) it does not move your championship odds enough to make a difference. It might take us from where were at now and make us a little better but its very slightly better. And we want to, for Joel, make sure we get this right. We have to move ourselves into a higher tier of championship. Not just nudge ourselves from having the 7th best chance to maybe the 6th best chance. It just doesnt make sense.” 

There is also the thought process that by not trading Ben, the Sixers are burning/punting on the season. Morey scoffed at that line of thinking;

“If they think were burning the season away without trading Ben (Simmons) we are not only burning THIS season away if we trade Ben away for something that makes everyone feel good were also burning away all the other future seasons.”