PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA - OCTOBER 03: Jalen Hurts #1 of the Philadelphia Eagles looks to pass against the Kansas City Chiefs at Lincoln Financial Field on October 03, 2021 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)

By Dylan MacKinnon

It was another loss for the Eagles in Week 3. The difference is this time, there were actually a few positive takeaways. Some players genuinely played well. Though there are still some guys who saw their stock drop in week 4. So whose value is rising, and whose is falling. Here is your post-week 4 Eagles Stock Report.

Stock Up- Jalen Hurts

It was not a perfect game. he missed an easy TD to Zach Ertz on their first drive, and another to Greg Ward later in the game. But overall, Hurts played very well. He looked confident and comfortable like he did in week 1. This is now his 4th time with over 300 passing yards, in 7 full games played. He was really bad in week 3. But he was mostly good in week 4. Some smart runs, some great throws. He made good decisions with the ball. He took what the Chiefs gave him, and played with a good tempo. Eagles can go forward With Hurts at QB if this is the real version of him.

Stock Down- Miles Sanders

Miles Sanders touched the ball 10 times in week 4. Still probably not enough times for most fans, but in fairness, he did very little with those touches. On runs, which is supposed to be what he is great at. he had only 13 yards on 7 carries. If the argument is he needs a ton of touches to get going, I am not buying it. So they are supposed to waste 7 snaps on unproductive runs before he gets going? If Miles wants more touches, he needs to prove he is worthy of them. He did not do that today. Multiple coaches have now shown they do not trust him enough to make him a workhorse back. Are they all wrong, or is there something wrong with Sanders fans do not see? What hurts his value even more, is the play of the Eagles other running back.

Stock Up- Kenneth Gainwell

Gainwell has managed to do a lot with limited touches. Kenny has 2 TDs, and almost 200 yards, on just 23 touches. He has been more effective catching the ball than running, but today he averaged over 10 yard per carry, so that may come along as well. Gainwell is not ready to be a 3 down back, he may never be one. But he has shown you do not need 20 touches a game to be productive at RB.

Stock Down- Alex Singleton

Many hoped Alex Singleton could fill the role of a capable linebacker. he has not done that yet. When I see him making tackles, it is always after a 8 yard run. And I see him trailing behind the people he is asked too cover too often. I really do not care if he is 10th in the NFL in tackles. How many of those tackles are on productive defensive plays?  Being the best the Eagles have at linebacker is very different from being a good player. Eric Wilson by the way has also been terrible.

Stock Down- Jonathan Gannon

His defense got one stop all game. The Chiefs had 7 drives. They scored 6 Touchdowns. it is hard to be even worse than that. It was the 2nd week in a row where Jonathan Gannon had now answers for the opposing team. That makes 11 touchdowns allowed in the last 18 drives. He was pitched to us as a defensive genius. The guy the whole league had their eyes on. So far I have seen nothing special from his defense. They aren’t even making plays, with only two take aways in 4 games. I get he doesn’t have the most to work with, but there is no excuse for this poor play.

Stock Down- Fletcher Cox

I do not expect Fletcher Cox to be as good as he was in his prime. He isn’t that guy anymore. But man, we need a whole lot more out of him. Even when he isn’t double-teamed, he still isn’t producing. Cox is simply losing man-to-man matchups. He has 5 tackles in 4 games, and one fumble recovery for a TD. The only times I remember noticing him this whole season was picking up a fumble in the end zone, and once snap where he pressured Dak Prescott out of the pocket into Javon Hargrave. Outside that, he has been a no-show.

Stock at No Value- Derek Barnett

I cant with this guy anymore. Another dumb penalty. He isn’t even playing well when he isn’t committing bone head penalties. Barnett has no sacks this season. He has only one tackle for a loss. They would be better off putting anyone else at DE. Put someone from the practice squad there. Bring Marcus Smith back. Jason Babin is only 41, maybe he wants to unretire. I would take literally anyone over this guy right now. Can they stand there and not commit dumb penalties? Then they will do more for this team than Barnett is.

Stock Up- Devonta Smith

Did he have a rookie moment where he stepped out of bounds and negated a TD? Yes. Does that mean he was not otherwise damn impressive this game? He had 7 catches for 122 yards. He was open all game, and even made an extra play, that was only negated by a mental mistake on his part. Smith is going to be very good.

Stock Down- Jalen Reagor

On the other hand, their other first-round WR did not show up. One catch for 9 yards is not going to cut it for a WR taken that high. Especially when there was 387 yards to go around in the passing game. Reagor has a skill set. But the Eagles have yet to find a way to utilize it. And with Smith and Quez Watkins doing their part, it looks worse Reagor cant do his.

Stock Up- Eagles Back-Up O linemen

Outside Andre Dillard getting multiple ineligible man downfield penalties, we did not hear the name of the Eagles o linemen very much in this game. Jack Driscoll, Nate Herbig, and Landon Dickerson, and Andre Dillard all had to fill in today. Expectations were very low given 4 out of the 5 starters were out. The backups performed mostly admirably. 3 sacks, and 6 QB hits, across 51 drop backs, is damn impressive for a group with this little NFL experience, being thrown together at the last second.