A new study by a site called Zippia just named Pennsylvania one of the Top 5 grossest states in the U.S. What does being one of the grossest states mean? We’ll spell it out for you…

They measured each states’ grossness based on air quality, percentage of trash in landfills, and how diseases spread in each state. These are all pretty fair factors to look at when determining how nasty a place is. But here’s the kicker, they also made determinations based on google searches.

They looked at google metrics for popular searches in each state and the yuckiness of those searches. This is entirely opinion based, so how is that fair? They say that searches for “mayo-based recipes” and “crocs” also add to how icky a state is. How does that even make sense? Honestly, crocs are a fine choice of footwear. And while mayo may not be for everyone, it literally keeps you from having a dry sandwich, so…

Well okay, so how did PA find itself at the tippy top of the 50 states on the scale of grossness? The percentage of trash in landfills. Pretty…not…good. But, get this. Our best friend and neighbor New Jersey is ALSO on the list. They fall just below us. But they’re there for the same reason…now here’s some math for you. 0.0191% of Pennsylvania is used to store trash in landfills.  0.0421% of New Jersey is landfill. If I’m not mistaken, that’s a larger number for New Jersey? So why are we higher than them?

Pennsylvania is a beautiful state, truly. With so much to offer in terms of scenery, how can you call it gross?

Here are just a few reasons why Pennsylvania should not be in the top 5 grossest states:

  • The Mountains

    Pennsylvania is home to some of the most gorgeous summits in the country. The fact that the state is very much not flat adds to its charm and beauty. Not only are the mountains super pretty, they also offer a host of things to do all year round. From skiing to rafting, you can really do it all in this state.

  • The History

    Uh hello? Yes. We were one of the 13 colonies. One of the first U.S. states. From Washington’s Crossing, to the Gettysburg Address, to Philadelphia literally being the birthplace of independence, you could say PA has a RICH history. There are tons of sites throughout the state commemorating all that’s happened here. The state is not a stranger to being a place of cultural significance.

  • The Lakes and Rivers

    The lakes and rivers in the state are just marvels to behold. Especially when they lead into waterfalls, as they do in MANY places in the state. Our natural sources of water that don’t include the shore add to out beauty. The study also cites that there’s a lot of trash in our landfills, but mentions nothing about polluted water, which is arguably way worse. Just sayin’.

  • The Cities

    The cities in this state are well-kept and full of culture. You really can’t go wrong. Cities are typically pretty gross, but most major cities in the state don’t even break the top 10 in the country in terms of ickiness. Not to mention, the historic architecture in each city adds to the genuine beauty.

  • The Parks and Trails

    There are so many state parks and places to hike in the state. The clean and well-kept state parks really show off just how beautiful the state is. The flora and fauna is aplenty in these parks. You can really see how naturally stunning PA is.

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