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Pennsylvania Bacon Fest Named One Of The Country’s Best Fall Festivals

Nowadays, it seems there is a festival for just about everything. That's not necessarily a bad thing as we have a new appreciation for getting together with like-minded people and celebrating. In that spirit, Fifty Grande released a report that details the best fall festivals in the country, and Bacon Fest in Pennsylvania made the list. This event takes place on November 4 and 5 in Easton. "Go absolutely hog wild at this family event made for pigging out," Fifty Grande explains. This event was initially a farmer's market experience. Now, Bacon Fest in Easton is in its 12th year. Here Is What You Need To Know Though these two days are certainly centered around crunching on some bacon strips, this festival has evolved into a multi-faceted experience.  To start, there are expected to be over 150 vendors that participate. There are also four different live music stages where 35 different artists will perform over the two days. These stages are also very appropriately named; the Hog Wild stage, Piglets stage, Swine stage, and Farm to Fest stage. Then, there's the "Racin' Bacon" 5K race. This occurs on Sunday, November 6. What else is there? Well, a Bacon and Brew tasting is always a fan favorite. Entry is just $2 for the general festival. This fee goes towards benefiting the Greater Easton Development Partnership. PA Bacon Fest describes their festival which was named among the best fall events in the country as "Two days of grease, love, and happiness." This is a family-friendly weekend. Both days begin at 10 am and will conclude at 5 pm. Some of the bacon specialties you can expect to find here include a bacon bloody Mary, bacon sticky buns, a bacon cannoli, and bacon on a stick. To explore all the details about Easton's Bacon Fest, including parking information and the music lineup, you can visit [select-listicle listicle_id="646444" syndication_name="places-with-the-best-apple-cider-in-the-u-s" description="yes"]

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