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TV Sports Should Learn A Lesson From The Women

It’s rare that media companies learn from past mistakes. I know that has been my frustration over the years with my own industry. Resistance to change and trying to do things differently has been ignored by too many entities. Don’t believe me? When was the last time you read a physical newspaper? The newspaper industry failing to grasp the need to move towards billable online content was a major downfall. Its evolve and improve or go join the dinosaurs. Somehow the TV sports industry wants to move down the same path without taking a profitable detour. I’m here to help. The numbers for the Women’s National Title Game were staggering. It was the most-watched title game ever in Women’s sports but this is just a part of the story! In addition: No Daytona 500 since 2006 eclipses it. No World Series Game since 2019 had higher viewership No NBA Finals game played since 2017 can beat it Most shockingly, it was more watched than ever Final Round of the Masters since the turn of the century! So, the question is what can we learn from the success of the Women? I have a few conclusions; - The TV networks need to understand that almost EVERY major sport that they broadcast has more “star power” than the Women’s National Title Game. Fans could identify more participants in any of the major sports than they can a Women’s basketball game. Kaitlyn Clark was a unicorn. Dawn Staley is becoming renown. Those two figures would be also rans in visibility and brand recognition to stars in major sports. Star power sells. - Imagine, playing a huge championship sporting event when fans of all ages could watch and enjoy it! What a foreign concept as the Men tipped off their final close to 9:30pm on a Monday night. It’s so dumb. If you want to grow a sport, broadcast it at a time when you can get the most eyeballs. Americans flocked to their TV’s for a sport they don’t usually care about. Think of what the pro sports could learn from this! - How about World Series weekend games being played in the afternoon? Daylight baseball would resonate with fans. A 7:30pm first pitch should work in any TV market too. - NBA Finals games starting past 8:30 is crazy. Weekend games in the final two rounds of the playoffs would score bigger numbers! - Hockey needs to grow. Every weekend they need to play games all afternoon. I’m not just saying this because I wake up at 4 am each morning. I’m thinking towards the future of pro and collegiate sports. The viewership has been aging out. It’s time to adjust. Watch Kincade & Salciunas on the 97.5 The Fanatic YouTube page for discussion about the latest breaking sports news in Philadelphia. [select-gallery gallery_id="538175" syndication_name="citizens-bank-park-food-options" description="no"]  

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