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What’s Brewing With Jen Includes Pizza And Baseballs

See what was brewing with Jen Scordo today. Every day on The Best Show Ever? Jen Scordo shares a few recent weird and interesting news stories. Today that includes Ichiro Suzuki breaks window teaching kids and pizza delivery guy has the deliver of his lifetime … Here are her stories from today. Ichiro Suzuki Breaks Window While Teaching Children Ichiro is retired, but he still likes to teach the youth about the ways of baseball.  Recently he was giving some kids from a high school baseball team a hitting lesson.  Not unusual.  However, at one point Ichiro blasts a 426 foot homerun that then broke a window at the school.  He can be seen on video afterward with a sheepish grin.  No word on whether or not he received detention for breaking the window or not. [Source -] Pizza Delivery Guy Has Dream Delivery A pizza delivery man was just doing his job recently when his daily routine turned into a real-life adult film.  When he rang the doorbell to deliver the pizza, models Louisa Khovanski and Francis James answered the door scantily clad… It didn’t end there… they were wearing underwear and cardigans… they then opened their cardigans to expose themselves to the pizza guy.  Somehow there are photos of the episode… and of course, they are on Instagram.  They are not suitable for work, but they don’t show everything… It’s unknown what kind of tip the delivery driver received. [Source -] [caption id="attachment_500801" align="alignnone" width="300"] A view of pizza[/caption] [select-listicle listicle_id="500702" syndication_name="philadelphia-union-will-face-fc-cincinnati-in-conference-semifinals" description="yes"]

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