The life of a Philly sports fan can be both mentally and physically exhausting. On the physical side, I’m thinking of my friends who get up at dawn on a Sunday to secure that perfect spot for their Eagles tailgate and then continue the party after a 1pm game to avoid sitting in traffic. The desire to be a part of the action sometimes requires us to be leaving the stadium complex well after midnight. Thankfully the new rules in MLB have accelerated our exits on nights after a Phillies game. We rest up, go to work and then get right back after it. Remember the late nights of last Red October? That was glorious!

Even if I wasn’t doing chemotherapy this summer, the true challenge for the Philly sports fan can be more mental than physical. The year of 2023 is certainly putting our mental toughness to the test. Think of the roller coaster ride we have already endured in these first 8 months.

In February we were basking in the glow of two dominant home playoff wins vs the Giants and 49ers leading us to Super Bowl 47 in Arizona! The Chiefs were going to be a monumental challenge but arguably the greatest Eagles team ever appeared poised to give us our second winter parade. We all know what happened, but few of us can agree on WHY they lost the game. The mental gymnastics that fans go to in order to blame someone for a loss in this city rivals any other in America. Sometimes the answer is simple and we make it complicated. If Jalen Hurts, who was spectacular in the game, doesn’t fumble the Eagles win. We all have created our particular villains and then create the storyline to fit our narrative. Just get me to the 2023 season! I’m tired of litigating a heartbreak like we saw in the desert.

Fast forward to April. At least we had the 76ers and a chance for a great run. The third round hasn’t been visited by the 76ers since 2001…still. Every time that they lure you into believing, you get disappointed in a different way. After we watched James Harden in Games 1 and 4 of the series, nobody could have predicted the absolute collapse of Game 6 and the failure to even compete in Game 7. Sometimes fans think they care more than the players in uniform. Those games are an example that at least keeps that theory alive. The 76ers caused many a sleepless night for fans hoping that they finally get over the hump. We are still waiting.

At least we have the NL Champion Phillies to give us a mental break. Oh no! Rhys Hoskins tears up his knee, his replacement misses two months and the new high-priced shortstop has been a disaster so far. Thankfully they can lean on their front-line starters to carry them. Wait, Wheeler and Nola don’t look anything like themselves. Fans trying to convince themselves you can sneak in again and recreate the magic of 2022 must be tired. We are all waiting to see the team we expected to arrive.

The Flyers aren’t tiring you out mentally, though the idea of them finally addressing this rebuild with gusto has me energized. Isn’t that strange? The worst team maybe gives you the most mental rest.

Enjoy these few days of summer rest. I expect a second-half Phillies run, rolling into an Eagles season we hope ends in Vegas next February! Rest up, both physically AND mentally!

7 Terrific Beach Hotels In Cape May New Jersey

What a beautiful part of the Garden State. There are many terrific beach hotels in Cape May, New Jersey that you should stay at. We combed through many Google reviews so you don’t have to.

So many of the hotels in Cape May are rooted in the peninsula’s deep Victorian-era history. They are lavishly decorated and beautifully colored. The rainbow hues of the buildings in the entirety of Cape May really add to the entire positive experience of being there.

Cape May distinguishes itself from other New Jersey shore towns in so many ways. They have immaculate beaches, a gorgeous promenade of shops rather than a boardwalk, and beautiful views. Plus, for those of you who love something a bit spooky, it is rumored that the town is haunted! While it has many features other beach towns offer, none have the rich history Cape May boasts. So many original structures remain from all the way back to the 19th century. It truly is a gorgeous place to visit.

And, they have some gorgeous hotels to back that up. One hotel even dates back 1816. That is how deeply engrained history is in this town. You have to make it a stay when you venture to this place. There’s so much to do and see, you’ll need a place to rest your head that’s on-par with Cape May’s beauty.

Here are 7 terrific beach hotels in Cape May, New Jersey:

  • La Mer Beachfront Resort

    La Mer Beachfront Resort has been around for over 50 years. But, the hotel is anything but outdated. Its modern amenities are sure to draw any guest in. This place is literally award-winning. And they don’t lie about being “beachfront.” They’re right next to the ocean.

  • The Mason Cottage

    The Mason Cottage is a charming, quaint place to stay. No, it’s not RIGHT on the water, but if you want to be enchanted by the historical side of Cape May, this is the place for you. You’re almost transported to an older world when you walk through the doors. You get every modern amenity you’d want in a place that looks fit for royalty.

  • Angel Of The Sea

    Angel Of The Sea is an elegant bed and breakfast in Cape May. With its ocean-view wraparound porch and lush detailing, the Angel of the Sea is Victorian Cape May’s most romantic bed & breakfast. It’s located one-half block from the beach in the quiet East end of town. So much is included in your stay, including afternoon tea, you almost have to stay there.

  • The Queen Victoria Bed & Breakfast

    The Queen Victoria Bed & Breakfast really does make you feel like royalty. Hence its name. This place oozes luxury. Just one block from the beach, this hotel will ensure you have a unique stay. Enjoy the uniqueness of three restored 1880s homes as well as an 1876 gambling parlor. There are gorgeous porches and comfortable parlors with fireplaces.

  • Grand Hotel Of Cape May

    Grand Hotel Of Cape May is also right on the beach. Literally steps away. They also boast indoor and outdoor heated pools and a great restaurant and lounge. The sundeck is a great place to lay and watch the ocean (and the people walking by) as you relax. The hotel is as grand as its name suggests.

  • Congress Hall

    Now this place is teeming with history. Starting in 1816, Congress Hall has been providing guests with American classic hospitality and old-world charm. It’s a huge property sitting just a short walk from the beach. The place has been updated over the years and now includes modern amenities such as a spa and three restuarants.

  • Periwinkle Inn

    Yes, the Periwinkle Inn is bright purple-y pink. This hotel is literally, and I mean literally, steps from the beach. It features a really nice pool and activity area. Plus, the staff are very friendly and accommodating. The rooms are modern and updated nicely as well.

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