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CHARLOTTE, NC - MARCH 16: K.J. Maura #11 and teammate Jourdan Grant #5 of the UMBC Retrievers celebrate their 74-54 victory over the Virginia Cavaliers during the first round of the 2018 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament at Spectrum Center on March 16, 2018 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

See what Andrew Salciunas found in the Audio Vault today. It is the second day of the NCAA Tourney. Yesterday Andrew and Anthony listened to the best buzzer beaters in tournament history. And today they kept the theme going. Andrew played the biggest upsets in NCAA Tourney history. The times when major favorites fell early in the Tournament, and ruined many of our brackets. We already got one in this year’s tournament, with the 15-seed Princeton taking down Arizona, who many had going all the way. And you can listen to that upset, and many more, in today’s Audio Vault.

Here are the great upsets they played in today’s Audio Vault…

  • 1991 (15) Richmond over (2) Syracuse
  • 1993 (15) Santa Clara over (2) Arizona
  • 1997 (15) Coppin State over (2) South Carolina
  • 2012 (15) Leigh over (2) Duke
  • 2013 (15) Florida Gulf Coast over (2) Georgetown
  • 2016  (15) Middle Tennesee State over (2) Michigan State
  • 2018 (16) UMBC over (1) Virginia
  • 2021 (15) Oral Roberts over (2) Ohio State
  • 2022 (15) Saint Peter’s over (2) Kentucky
  • 2023 (15) Princeton over (2) Arizona

And you can listen to the entire Audio Vault, with reactions from Anthony and Andrew to the upsets, below…

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The Audio Vault- The 12 Most Memorable Plays in Phillies' History

See what Andrew Salciunas found in The Audio Vault today. Anthony and Andrew have been down in Clearwater all week taking in Spring Training. And so in the Audio Vault, they have been counting down great Phillies moments. On Monday they looked at the best moments from the Phillies’ Regular Season in 2022. Yesterday they looked at the 10 best plays from the postseason. But today they are mixing it up a little bit. They looked at the most memorable plays in Phillies’ history.

From Roy Halladay throwing a perfect game, to Bryce Harper having “the swing of his life,” to Matt Stairs hitting one “into the night”. These are the plays that we can’t stop thinking about. The ones we still play highlights of years later.Including moments from 1980, all the way up to the present and last year’s postseason run. Andrew picked his 12 most memorable plays.

With Andrew down in Clearwater, he got Matt Minarik to help him pull the Audio from the Vault. See what plays made Andrew’s list of the most memorable in Phillies history below. And you can listen to the full segment at the bottom of the article to hear Anthony and Andrew’s reactions to each play.

Here are Andrew’s most memorable plays in Phillies’ history…


  • 1980 World Series- Bob Boone Drops a Foul Ball, But Pete Rose Catches it

    This one is memorable not just for it coming in a big moment, but also for how weird it was. It was Game 6 of the World Series. Frank White popped it up. Both Bob Boone and Pete Rose ran out to make the play. And when Boone dropped the ball, Rose was there to catch it.   

  • 1987- Mike Schmidt's 500th Home Run

    There is only one Phillies player with 500 HRS. Michael Jack Schmidt. The moment he hit number 500 had to make this list. Especially with the great Harry Kalas on the call.

  • 1993- The Wild Thing Gets a Walk Off Hit

    It is not often a closer comes up with a walk-off hit. But that is exactly what happened in 1993. In the second game of a doubleheader, where there were numerous rain delays, Mitch Williams came up to the plate with a runner in scoring position. And while most people were already in bed, Mitch Williams walked it off.

  • 1993 NLCS- Darren Daulton Doubles off Greg Maddux to Give Phillies the Lead in Game 6

    It was a 0-0 tie deep into game 6 of the NLCS vs the Braves in 1993. But then Darren Daulton stepped to the plate vs Greg Maddox. And he did not disappoint. He hit a double down the rightfield line to knock in two runs.


  • 2007- Phillies Clinch NL East After Mets Collapse

    2007 was the start of an era of NL East dominance for the Phillies. But it took an epic collapse by the Mets for the Phillies to win it that year. And seeing the Mets choke makes the Phillies winning it that much sweeter.

  • 2008 NLCS- Stairs Rips one Into the Night

    Six words no Phillies fan will ever forget, Stairs rips one into the night.



  • 2008 World Series- Utley Throws Home

    Of all the many great Utley hits, it is a play in the field that got him onto the list of memorable plays. Him faking a throw to first, just to throw Bartlett out at the plate, is perhaps the most notable play from the World Series.

  • 2009 NLCS- Jimmy Rollins Walks It Off vs the Dodgers

    2009 did not have the great finish 2008 did, but it still had great moments. Notably, Jimmy Rollins walk-off hit vs Jonathan Broxton in game 6 of the NLCS.

  • 2010- Roy Halladay Perfect Game

    Despite being here for just 3 seasons, Roy Halladay cemented himself in Phillies lore. He threw two no-hitters, including this perfect game vs the Marlins.

  • 2010- Roy Halladay's Playoff No Hitter

    How do you top a Perfect Game? By throwing a no-hitter in the playoffs.


  • 2019- Bryce Harper's Walk Off Grand Slam

    Before he became known for a different game-winning HR (which we will get to) there was this Walk Off Grand Slam. What can you say about this that John Kruk’s “Wow” and harper’s “That was sick” haven’t already said?

  • 2022- The Swing of Harper's Life

    And of course, there was Harper’s game-winning HR in the NLCS last year.



  • Listen to the full segment below...