INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA - SEPTEMBER 12: Indianapolis Colts quarterback Carson Wentz #2 is sacked by Benson Mayowa #10 of the Seattle Seahawks during the third quarter at Lucas Oil Stadium on September 12, 2021 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

It is usually unhealthy to obsess over the play of someone who is no longer on your team. But it is vital Carson Wentz plays most of his snaps this year, despite no longer being an Eagle. There is a first round pick on the line. In order for the Eagles to get it, Wentz will need to play 75% of the snaps for the Colts. Which means he needs to play around 13 games, give or take a few snaps. If the Colts make the playoffs, he will need to play only 70% of his snaps (around 12 games).

So what shape are the odds of that pick coming to the Eagles after week 1? Well, he played all the snaps, so it is so far so good. Here is some data concerning the Eagles hopes to get the Colts first round pick.

Wentz Snaps- 76

Colts Snaps- 76

Percentage- 100%

Wentz would have to miss the next 26 snaps to fall below the 75% threshold. If Colts are a playoff team, he would need to miss the next 33 snaps to fall below 70%.

Colts lost this game, so obviously right now they are not projected to be a playoff team. For now it would need to be the 75% number. But one week is not enough games to project that obviously. Three playoff teams last year started 0-1, including the Colts.

Wentz took 4 sacks, and was knocked down 15 times. Wentz’s health will be something to monitor if he is taking that many hits. Despite all the hits, he got through week 1 healthy. Lets hope it stays that way.

Through week 1, the Eagles would get the pick, and it would be a top 16 pick since the Colts are one of 16 teams that are 0-1. I am not sure how they break a 16 team tie for a draft pick, but I have a feeling that wont come up come years end.