Can you taste it? We are just over a month away from the release of possibly the most anticipated game of not only this year but the past eight years since it was announced. Fans have been starving for any content that they could find about this game, and between Keanu Reeves’ involvement in the massive crunch that Studio CD Projekt Red is going through, there has been plenty of news surrounding the game. But leaks about the game itself have been few and far between, with the most that people have learned being through official announcements and releases from the studio.


He may have been teasing it since his return from a Twitch ban, but will Dr. Disrespect finally pull the trigger and say he is looking to own a CDL team, possibly alongside Nadeshot and H3CZ? And, the most anticipated game of 2020, Cyberpunk 2077, had its massive world map leaked and boy is it a big one. Plus, Cloud9 returns to competitive Halo with the announcement of a seasoned pro team that looks to become top dog ahead of Halo: Infinite’s release.


But now, as we see the finish line (hopefully) in the distance, a leak has given us the most info we have gotten so far about the actual size and layout of the world that the game will take place in. Yesterday, a leaker posted what seems to be a physical map that comes included in the physical edition of the game that shows off the games’ many different locales such as Heywood, Santo Domingo, and Watson. This comes at the same time as the announcement of this game going gold (again, 8 years after it was announced), and fans are craving as much content as they can find on this game. But the biggest disappointment involved with Cyberpunk 2077 right now is the fact that the employees of CD Projekt Red are involved in a last-minute crunch to get the game out of the door. Before the complaints come, yes, the employees say they are being compensated well, yes the game has already been pushed back or delayed multiple times, and yes there are plenty of more harmful things happening in the games industry. But looking into my crystal ball, if Cyberpunk is the massive success it looks to be, you can expect plenty of other studios in the industry to require crunch at their own studios, and most of them aren’t going to be compensating their employees well or even producing a product as high of a quality as Cyberpunk will be. When you’re an industry leader, you set the standard for the rest of the people who follow in your footsteps, and I really worry about what will be seen longterm as the effect of having to do this crunch. From the physical map that was leaked for this game, sometimes it might take crunch to get a game that large out the door, but if it means that it harms game devs across the industry, in the future, I would prefer a smaller game that makes me just a little bit less happy than doing long term harm to the people who make games for others enjoyment.


DR. DISRESPECT RESPONDS TO RUMORS ABOUT WANTING TO OWN A CALL OF DUTY TEAM GEN G EXECUTES DECISIVE VICTORY IN WORLDS Please follow CheckpointXP on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram! Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

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