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My 5 Favorite Teams in Video Games From Childhood

Today during the show Anthony told us that is son told him that the Edmonton Oilers are his favorite hockey team. His son is 10. A great age for getting captivated by sports, players, and teams. I had it great as a kid when I was 10 years old. Iverson on the Sixers and their Finals run, the Eagles were in the beginning of NFC Championship runs, the Flyers were in the playoffs every year, and the Phillies... well... I loved the Phillies.   For Anthony's son's case, yes he has it good too, but the Flyers are far far away from being competitive. The Oilers on the other hand, are fun to watch, and I'm sure fun to play with on the PS5. Anthony told him that Edmonton can't be his favorite team which gave me a very vivid flashback when my dad had the same conversation with me 20+ years ago when I said the Red Wings were my favorite team. It wasn't because the Flyers were bad, it was because I was nasty with Detroit on the N64.   With that in mind, here are my childhood 5 favorite teams in video games: 

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