A fresh Apex Legends leak has revealed some details about Nova – who could possibly be another female character in the battle royale when season six launches. This follows the continual data mining that fans of Apex continue to pursue, digging into the code of the game itself. In season 1, an entire list of legends was leaked, and while not every single one of those legends has been introduced, we have seen the introduction of a few non-standard ones from that list including the most recently announced legend. However, since the addition of new files came at the start of the latest Lost Treasures Collection Event, data miners have once again found what could possibly be a brand new legend in the works.


Twitch is sued for $25 million dollars all because somebody thinks that they exposed him to “suggestive content”, A brand new leak revealed a new Legend early for season 6 of Apex, and what big streamers ignored the blackout on Twitch that all started from sexual harassment allegations.

The new supposed new legend that they’ve uncovered is called Nova. Reliable leaker Shrugtal posted a photo of what looks to be Nova’s legend icon as well as a few other details.

“She’s literally called pilot_medium_nova, like all the other legends e.g. pilot_medium_loba,” the leaker added, referencing further details that they’d found, including placeholder animations from Bangalore.  The female character has also seemingly taken the place of the previously leaked Valk, with Shrugtal noting that there are no mentions of that name anymore in the files like there had been previously. This is not all to say that it’s for sure confirmed, as the devs for Apex aren’t past a little trickery of their own. We will keep you up to date on the latest leaks if it is confirmed on our Twitter @checkpointXP.


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