By: Austin Jones

With the NBA going farther and farther away from the post-game. Today’s fast paced NBA sees teams dropping three pointers at a record pace.

The game is full of great shooters such as Steph Curry, Damien Lillard and Devin Booker. On Sunday it was a smaller name player that tied the NBA Record for the most consecutive made three’s.

Philadelphia’s own Shake Milton tied the NBA record Sunday night in loss to the Los Angeles Clippers by making 14 consecutive three pointers. The spans of three’s were made over the past three games with the record tie breaker coming against the Clippers.

On top of tying an NBA record, Milton also had a career high 39 points. For Milton it’s a confidence booster because he wasn’t even in head coach Brett Brown’s rotation after the All-Star break.

With the acquisitions of Glenn Robinson and Alec Burkes, Milton saw a decrease in his playing time. Then the injury bug came and bit Ben Simmons, then Joel Embiid. Milton was back in the rotation and has made the most of it.

When asked about his performance and record breaker, Milton was humbled and said it didn’t matter due to the fact the 76ers lost. Overall it is phenomenal to see that Milton is willing to take the extra workload that is left by the absence of Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. With Josh Richardson out with a concussion, the 76ers will continue to lean on Milton to pick up the extra work load.