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Donovan McNabb joined the Farzetta & Tra Morning Show on Monday at 9:30 as he does every week to talk about several things but most importantly if the Eagles can still make the playoffs or not & the QB thinks they will.

Either the Cowboys ineptitude or the Eagles “getting it together”, both could lead the team to the playoffs this year as the winner of the NFC East. Not only would they make the playoffs but they’d be hosting a first round game where we know anything can happen. The playoffs are the playoffs and for a franchise QB that desperately needs to get some playoff experience under his belt, this should be a very positive thing for all Eagles fans, yes even you that want them to lose out for a better draft pick…

Donovan thinks that the Cowboys next week are going to struggle against the Rams, potentially making the Eagles path to the playoffs even easier than it appears. All that matters is the season is going to come down to Carson vs. Dak on December 22nd. Donovan agrees that the Eagles have become their own worst enemy & although he understands the message coach Doug Pederson was trying to send in going back to a padded practice this past week, he doesn’t believe their issues are physical.

Donovan believes that if the team is going to correct it’s course & end the season on a strong note, that the issues are within themselves & fixing their own issues. He thinks there’s no doubt that doubt itself has crept into that locker room & guys are looking around for answers at their teammates. Donovan doesn’t believe that putting the pads on so late in the season will fix anything, but it should send a message to the team. He also believes that this matchup is made for the Eagles to take advantage of & believes they’ll win by the game by double digits & that Nelson Agholor will have a big performance in the game.

He also believes that in tough times, the team is going to look to two people in particular to pull the team out of it…the head coach & the QB. Donovan believes those two have to be the ones to correct the course of the team, so Monday night might very well come down to Doug Pederson & Donovan McNabb.

You can catch Donovan next Monday morning after the Redskins game when he joins Farzetta & Tra in the morning at 9:30am.