It’s not quite the real NBA offseason yet, with the Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics still duking it out in the NBA Finals, but the majority of teams in the association have been sitting idle for a month or more at this point. With that free time, discussions have begun between teams about some potential offseason moves including various players, and in the Sixers case, potentially their 1st round selection in the upcoming draft. With the Brooklyn Nets deferring the Sixers 2022 pick to next year, the Sixers got back the 23rd overall selection that was initially included in the James Harden trade this past season. Now, Daryl Morey and company have a valuable trade chip, and word is they’ve already been shopping it as they prepare to reshape the roster this offseason.

Earlier this week, a flurry of NBA rumors started circulating about moves that could possibly be made and players that could be possibly available leading up to the NBA draft. Most were teams that are trying to move unwanted players for draft capital or salary space, but the Sixers had an interesting rumor about their top selection. According to Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer, the Sixers are exploring trades that would package the 23rd overall pick and Danny Green together in a pre-draft deal. Now what would that deal be? Well, the best we have right now are educated guesses. It would seem to fit the mold for the Sixers for them to add a proven veteran who can help them win now in the Joel Embiid-James Harden window. It’s also clear that the need for this team exists on the perimeter with a void of athletic wings that can stretch the floor well enough to help the Sixers make a deeper playoff push.

Who are the available players that fit this mold? Well, the most notable one is probably John Collins of the Atlanta Hawks, who was rumored this past season to be a potential target in a Ben Simmons trade. There are numerous reports that the Hawks are looking to trade Collins, and the 6’9” forward is both an athletic wing and can stretch the floor. He fits the Sixers’ need, but the Hawks are reportedly looking for a little more than the 23rd pick to move him. Could Danny Green match the salary and put the deal over the top to the point where the Hawks would consider it? Well, with Green only making $10mil and Collins making $23mil, the numbers don’t exactly match up. There would have to be a significant salary exchange, which doesn’t seem to be possible unless Tobias Harris is in the trade, and that value doesn’t seem enough for a Harris return. It doesn’t seem Collins is a realistic option, but as we get closer to the draft, more and more options will open up. The bottom line is Daryl Morey, Elton Brand, and the Sixers front office are already hard at work trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together to get the Sixers over that 2nd round playoff hump.