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There’s an unprecedented amount of smoke and haze across the northeastern United States right now, including Pennsylvania smoke.

Multiple states are under severe air quality warnings, including Pennsylvania. In fact, the game between the Detroit Tigers and Philadelphia Phillies was postponed because of unsafe air quality, as pictured above.

So, what is causing all the smoke and smog? The main cause is the Canadian Wildfires. The smoke is coming down from Canada and has reached as far south as, yes, Philadelphia. Now, Pennsylvania is under a Code Red Air Quality Alert. According to the National Weather Service, that means air pollution concentrations within the region are unhealthy. Some people could experience mild health effects. Moreover, people with sensitive conditions could experience more serious health effects from the bad air quality.

How long will the Pennsylvania smoke last?

The National Weather Service says that according to the wind trajectory, the smoke and haze will likely last for the next few days. But, the good news is that the strongest concentrations of smoke should start to dissipate this afternoon across Pennsylvania, according to the NWS. But, this evening, it could get more dense, so don’t make outdoors plans just yet. In addition, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection tweeted out that, “The previously issued Air Quality Action Day for Thursday, June 8th is being upgraded to the Unhealthy category statewide. In addition, this alert has been extended to Friday, June 9th at 11:59 pm.”

Pennsylvania: What's Our Earthquake Risk? Use This Interactive Map

  • More on Loss Ratios across the US

    While you might think of a handful of cities who are in danger of earthquakes, and those are on the West Coast, there is earthquake activity all around. “Although most economic loss is concentrated along the West Coast, the distribution of relative earthquake risk, as measured by the AELR, is much broader and reinforces the fact that earthquakes are a national problem,” FEMA says. “Relatively high earthquake loss ratios are throughout the western and central United States (states within the NMSZ) and in the Charleston, South Carolina, area.”

    California - Interstate roadsign illustration with the map of California

    California – Interstate roadsign illustration with the map of California

  • The Big 55

    You’ve heard of the Big Four, right? In metal music. Anyway, the Big 55 are the cities that experience the most earthquake activity. “Fifty-five metropolitan areas, led by the Los Angeles (including Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Anaheim) and San Francisco (including San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley) Bay areas, account for 85% of the total AEL,” FEMA says.

    United States of America, geographic regions

    United States of America, geographic regions

  • Interactive Map of Earthquake Danger

    This is an interactive map of the United States showing each area’s risk for earthquakes. You might be surprised by some of the areas that actually have a pretty high risk for activity. Click the link below to go to the interactive map via CNN.

    What's your earthquake risk? Use this map to to find out | CNN

    The US Geological Survey creates earthquake shaking models designed to inform municipalities about building codes and insurance companies about the risk of seismic events.

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