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PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA - MAY 10: Trea Turner #7 of the Philadelphia Phillies hits a double during the sixth inning against the Toronto Blue Jays at Citizens Bank Park on May 10, 2023 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

It has not been a good start to the season for Trea Turner. He is swinging at everything, and the ball is missing the bat a ton. Turner has already struck out 43 times. On top of that he is hitting just .261, and slugging just .401. A far cry from the MVP caliber season many were expecting from him in his first season with the Phillies. It is of course still early, and he tends to be a slow starter anyway. But a month and a half in, it is understandable to be a bit impatient waiting to see him play like the guy we used to see with the Dodgers and Nationals.

And to weigh in on what is wrong right now with Trea Turner, the Hall of Fame Baseball writer Jayson Stark joined The Best Show Ever. Is he concerned that this could continue to carry into the season, or does he see a turnaround coming? Here is what Jayson Stark had to say about Trea Turner.

“His swing is as messed up as I have ever seen it. He is a guy who has never had a launch angle higher than 11 degrees. It is at 16 this year. It tells you he has gotten way more uppercutish than he has ever been. Is that a product of all the HRs he hit tin the WBC? I don’t know. But the upshot is he is being dominated by fastballs. And because of that he is seeing a ton of them. He is hitting 100 points lower against fastballs than he did last year. 222 from I think 323. But I talked to Kevin Long abut this, and Trea Turned seemed like the least of his concerns.”

He will probably be okay. We saw Kyle Schwarber and JT Realmuto struggle through the first two months last season, and then become some of the best hitter in the league in the next 4. Trea Turner has been a  good hitter for too long to struggle all season. It will continue to be rough watching him while he works through it though.

Jayson Stark also talked about Jose Alvarado’s injury, how Bryce Harper has looked since returning, and the struggles of Aaron Nola and Zack Wheeler. You can listen to the full conversation below:

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Meet Major: The Phillies' New Service Pup In Training

Meet Major: The Phillies New Service Pup In Training

Team Foster and Warrior Canine Connection partnered with the Philadelphia Phillies to introduce the Phillies’ New Service Pup In Training. The purebred black Labrador, Major, is the new service training pup in Citizen Bank Park’s off-the-field roster. Today, the stadium welcomed Major with open arms and allowed him to sit in the dugout. He received pets from the Philly Phanatic and visited his official locker room locker. He finally signed his contract with a paw print. Although adorable, Major’s training is for a serious job.

The Philadelphia Phillies stated that Major will be placed with a wounded veteran through Warrior Canine Connection and supported by Team Foster once he completes his training as a service dog. Team Foster has already helped more than 400 veterans with disabilities and injuries by connecting them with service dogs, adhering to their motto of “No Hero Left Behind.”

What Does A Service Dog To Veterans Do?

Service dogs can be critical in helping veterans manage physical and emotional challenges that stem from military service. These dogs can provide various types of support, including:

  1. Providing mobility assistance: Service dogs can help veterans with mobility impairments by retrieving objects, opening doors, and even helping with balance and stability.
  2. Helping with PTSD symptoms: Many veterans experience symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after returning from combat. Service dogs can be trained to recognize signs of anxiety and panic attacks and provide calming support and distraction.
  3. Assisting with hearing or vision loss: Service dogs can be trained to alert veterans with hearing or vision loss to important sounds or hazards in their environment.
  4. Offering companionship and emotional support: Service dogs can provide a sense of comfort and companionship to veterans who may feel isolated or disconnected from others.

The Andie Summers Show talked to Erica, from Team Foster, to talk about the organization, Major, and upcoming events!

So next time you attend a Phillies game, look out for Major. He will be so happy to see you. But remember, he is working! Hopefully, he stays clear of Dollar Dog Night.

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