The Best Show Ever?

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ELMONT, NEW YORK - OCTOBER 02: Head coach John Tortorella of the Philadelphia Flyers handles the bench against the New York Islanders at the UBS Arena on October 02, 2022 in Elmont, New York.

It is a dark time for the Flyers fandom. The team is not in a good place. They are losing games constantly. There is a long list of frustrations. And the gut punch, was last night watching the Wells Fargo Center be taken over by Rangers fans. Fans are frustrated. And they are directing those frustrations at Flyers GM Chuck Fletcher, and the Flyers ownership. They did not join us today. But Head Coach John Tortorella did. While Tortorella has not been here for long, and the state of the franchise is not his fault, he tried to address some of those frustrations today. Understanding why fans are not showing up, but asking for patience because he thinks they are on the right path. See what he had to say here about fan frustrations, the direction of the team, his relationship with Chuck Fletcher, and more.

On the fans not showing up to games

“I don’t blame anybody for what is going on in there. We have to get a better product. You cant do it with gimmicks. The way you get people in the building is to win. That is what we will try to accomplish here. Hopefully it will be a tough ticket to get in the next couple of years.”

On if his vision for the team aligns with Chuck Fletcher’s vision of the team

“It does. I know there has been a lot of speculation out there about whether Chuck and I are on the same page… We are all on board. The key is when there is a hiccup…staying with the plan. You can discuss the plan all you want. I think it is the right plan. But it is staying with it. We are all committed to that. And as I have said all along, it is not happening overnight. If people want to complain, go ahead. It is not happening over night. We will try to do this the right way.” 

On some players not being part of the plan

Before you add players, you are going to subtract players that we don’t feel will be part of this. It may not be because they are a bad player. they just don’t fit what we are going to do here. It just doesn’t fit what we are trying to do here. Guys know it. But we continue to go about our business the proper way. You put a uniform on, you play as hard as you can. And we are going to coach as hard as we can. Whatever lies a head of us, we will go through it. But when you put the uniform on, you go play.

On if he thinks the team is heading in the right direction

I think we have held up to our end of the bargain to this point. There haven’t been many nights where we showed up and didn’t play hard. I can count them on one hand. And we have played 60+ games now. I am happy about that. I see a lot of growth in a lot of players… But I do think we are on the right track. Both on the ice, and off it. People may be discouraged and impatient about this. I don’t know what to tell you. I firmly believe that we will go about this the right way. We have it back on the tracks. 

And you can listen to the full interview with John Tortorella here…


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Flyers Trade Targets Ahead of the Deadline

The NHL trade deadline has already picked up with moves like Timo Meier to the Devils, and Vladimir Tarasenko to the Rangers. The Flyers will also look to be active participants in the action and they have some moveable pieces that can get them assets for the future.

Last year the Flyers shipped off captain Claude Giroux to the Panthers for a bevy of picks and Owen Tippett. The Flyers currently have a 1st round pick, two 3rd round picks (Rangers and Panthers), two 4th round rounders (their own and the Oilers), and then their own picks in round 5, 6, and 7. They’ll look to recoup some of the picks they gave up in trades for Tony DeAngelo.

Here are some of the key pieces that could be on the move by Friday’s 3pm deadline.

  • James Van Reimsdyk

    JVR is still owed about $1.7 million. But in order to get a better package the Flyers would be wise to retain 50% of the contract, as most contenders are cap strapped at the moment. Every team is looking for someone with JVR’s skill set. A big bodied winger who can score on the power play. With Timo Meier going to Jersey, those that were in on Meier should now pivot to JVR. I think the Flyers do well here, POSSIBlY getting a conditional 1st round pick for him. Possibly.

  • Patrick Brown

    Could the Flyers turn a waiver claim 2 years ago into a draft pick? Maybe. Contenders this time of year are looking for bottom 6 players. Brown also can play center, which is enticing for some teams. Could the Flyers net a 7th round pick for Brown? A contender might be willing to part with a pick for the organizational depth that Brown could provide.

  • Ivan Provorov

    It seems like a divorce has been pending for some time between Provorov and the Flyers. Will it finally end by Friday? Provorov is still owed over $13 million for the next 2 years. So whomever is trading for him would have to be in it for the long haul. Provorov isnt a rental. But Provorov is like James Bradberry. Hes a GREAT #2 but not a #1. Hes forced to be a #1 in Philly but on a contender, in a more natural fit where he doesnt have to be “the guy” he could flourish. He could also net the Flyers a decent haul of picks.

  • Nick Sealer

    Two things that contenders are looking for at this point is depth. Few teams are deep top to bottom. Because of this, defensemen Nick Sealer could be an interesting piece for a contender looking for a 6th or 7th defensemen. Its not going to net you a ton, but maybe a 4th or 5th round pick for a guy that doesnt have a future with the organization is a big win.

  • Justin Braun

    See above. Braun netted the Flyers a 3rd round pick last trade deadline and that was to be the Rangers 3rd pair D-man. Hes got a ton of NHL experience and if youre a contender who has a young defenseman on your 3rd pair and a question mark next to them, Braun could be a good veteran presence next to them.

  • Tony DeAngelo

    DeAngelo is owed $5 million dollars for next season. So he wouldn’t be a rental. But with just 1 year on his deal he could be just what a contender would need. If you’re a team that has a top level D-man but he isn’t quite ready, you could look for a guy that has a contract like DeAngelo’s. Hes a great puck moving defenseman. Hes great on the powerplay. Will the Flyers trade him? I doubt it. But if they were willing to, they could get a decent bit for a contender who’s powerplay could use a jump.