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PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA - OCTOBER 14: Rhys Hoskins #17 of the Philadelphia Phillies celebrates by spiking his bat after hitting a three-run home run against Spencer Strider #65 of the Atlanta Braves during the third inning in game three of the National League Division Series at Citizens Bank Park on October 14, 2022 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Phillies Spring Training is in full swing. Everyone is now there in Clearwater. Spring Training Games start up this weekend. And expectations are high for a Phillies team that made it to game 6 of the World Series last season and improved. And to talk about those Phillies, and the biggest stories from Spring Training, Corey Seidman joined The Best Show Ever. What is the vibe in Clearwater? Could Andrew Painter really break the roster right out of camp? Will we see more power from Alec Bohm? Corey Seidman discussed that and more. See what he had to say here.

On Who Should Lead Off

“Trea Turner, 60% of his plate appearances in his career have come out of the leadoff spot. He has the more traditional lead-off skill set. He also is probably more of an on-base threat. Kyle Schwarber historically has been a high on-base percentage guy. But that really wasn’t the case last year. He did his damage in the lead-off spot mostly with the long ball. In 9 different games he lead-off with a long ball. He also was taking pitches at an exceptionally high level toward the end of the season and into the playoffs.”

On What To Expect From Andrew Painter

“In terms of Painter’s upside, it is as high as any pitcher in baseball. He is the number 5 ranked prospect in the game by Baseball America. Number 6 by That is not common for a 19-year-old. It is not common for a High School pitcher taken in the middle of the first round as recently as Painter was. Based on his stuff, eventually, this guy could be an ace. I am not saying he will be an Ace in year one. if he were to win the job, I think the Phillies would be extremely happy if Painter were to give them 120 innings that are slightly better than average in year one… The upside is extremely high. As high as any pitcher in Baseball in recent years… The sky is the limit for this guy.”

On If We Will See More Power From Alec Bohm

“I think that as Alec Bohm gets deeper into his Major League Career it becomes more important for the power to emerge. I will say he had a pretty good offensive year last year. Even without getting to 25 home runs. Something that could play in his favor next year is getting more experience against the league. Just look at the makeup and the physical presence of the guy, he looks like he should get you 25 home runs. And from a corner infield spot, you do need more than a .420 slugging percentage.

The Phillies are hoping that Bohm can develop that power while still maintaining a .280-plus batting average. But even if he gives you offesnivly what you, I think they would take that. Its not as if he is the center piece of the offense. He is like the 6th most important piece in the lineup.”

You can listen to the full interview with Corey Seidman below…

The Biggest Storylines When Phillies Pitchers And Catchers Report

Today’s finally the day! Well, maybe you can remove “finally” from that statement. It feels like it was only a matter of weeks, not months, since the Philadelphia Phillies were playing in the World Series. The offseason has flown by, and since it was an incredibly busy one for the Phils, we haven’t really had a chance to catch our collective breath and prepare for the 2023 season. Well, we better get geared up, because as of today, February 16th, pitchers and catchers have reported to Clearwater, Florida to start their prep for the 2023 campaign. This team is going to dominate the summer sports news cycle in this city, and has numerous interesting storylines, but, for now, here are some of the early spring training story lines for pitchers and catchers that you should be aware of.

  • Will Andrew Painter make the opening day roster?

    This is question number one. The most exciting position battle on the entire roster, and one of the most interesting in all of baseball. Can 19-year-old, best pitching prospect in baseball Andrew Painter actually make the opening day roster as the Phillies 5th starter?? Well, it’s certainly a possibility. Phillies President of Baseball Ops Dave Dombrowski has said as much. Now, to do so, he’ll have to beat out Bailey Falter, who made 16 starts for the Phillies last season, as well as Cristopher Sanchez, who made 3 spot starts with the Major League team. Andrew Painter has never made an appearance higher than AA ball, but by most accounts he’s ready for MLB level competition. It will be very interesting to see how the Phils handle their young stud.

  • How does Zack Wheeler look, health-wise? 

    At the end of last year’s regular season, Zack Wheeler was absolutely worn down. In fairness, it was the most innings any of the Phillies’ starters had thrown in a season (that were on the opening day roster). That, though, means this has been the shortest offseason for all of these guys as well, and Zack Wheeler was clearly dealing with some type of dead-arm ailment throughout the final month of the season and the playoffs. Have the 3 months off been enough recovery time for the Phillies’ ace? Is the shoulder that ailed him during last year’s spring training still a concern? The Phillies have a great roster, but Wheeler is one of the most important pieces for this team to reach their true potential. 

  • What does Aaron Nola look like in a contract year? 

    All of the talk this offseason has been about Rhys Hoskins’ future with the Phillies, considering the 1st baseman is set for a monster pay day when he hits free agency for the first time next winter. Lost in that shuffle, though, is the fact that Aaron Nola is also looking at free agency after this season. He’s hugely important to this rotation, and still one of the most underrated pitchers in all of baseball. He’s homegrown, he’s now had deep playoff experience, and he’s deserving of a contract extension with Philly. If they’re unwilling to give it in season, though, how much does an impending pay day motivate him to have another Cy Young caliber year like he turned in back in 2018?