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The National Media is wrong a ton. We have learned that this week with so many horrendous takes from them on the Eagles and Jalen Hurts. Philly is a regular victim of bad takes from clowns in the national media who don’t know anything. Whether it is people saying Jalen Hurts is not actually that good, Nick Sirianni being snubbed as Coach of the year, or Joel Embiid being snubbed multiple years in a row as MVP. The disrespect is a regular occurrence.

They even had the gall to rip Philly fans for how we “treated” Ben Simmons, after they were his biggest critics while he was in Philly. But once he was outside of Philly, he became a victim of mean Philly fans, and they acted like they were not making jokes about him the whole time he was here.

And since they are always taking shots at us, Andrew Salciunas decided to take shots at them for once. He collected some of the worst takes from national Media clowns of all time. The hottest of hot takes, based on nothing but the delusion of people paid way too much to talk about something they know nothing about.

Here is the lineup from today’s Audio Vault…

  • Phil Simm’s son saying Daniel Jones is a better passer than Hurts
  • Mel Kiper saying Blaine Gabbert is the best QB in his draft
  • Skip Bayless Saying Johnny Manziel will be bigger than Lebron James in Cleveland
  • Skip Bayless Saying Tim Tebow is a Bigger Draw than Kobe Bryant
  • Colin Cowherd saying Carson Wentz is Josh Allen but better
  • Max Kellerman Saying Tom Brady is just about done
  • Max Kellerman saying he Andre Iguodala should be taking the last shot in Warriors games

You can listen to the full Audio Vault from today below…