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PHILADELPHIA, PA - AUGUST 12: Nakobe Dean #17 of the Philadelphia Eagles in action against the New York Jets in the first half of the preseason game at Lincoln Financial Field on August 12, 2022 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Jets defeated the Eagles 24-21.

The Eagles will face the 49ers on Sunday with a chance to advance to the Superbowl on the line. And to discuss his team, the upcoming game, and more, Nakobe Dean joined The Best Show Ever. What are the Eagles’ rookie linebacker’s thoughts on his coach, his rookie season, his QB, and dropping to the 3rd round in the draft? Here is what Nakobe Dean had to say.

On what it is like to have Nick Sirianni as a coach

“He is what you all see. When you all see him getting intense, he can be intense. He can be goofy. He’s the ultimate players’ coach… He listens to what we have to say. No matter what. When it comes to practice, how the scheme will be. You can tell he listens to the players and the leaders on this team. He is going to coach how he coaches. He’s going to bring that intensity to the head coach position. And I just love that.”

On what makes this defense work so well

“I see a group of guys who have come in and bought in. Bought into everything that JG and all the defensive coaches have tried to install in us. That dog mentality. We all work together and do our job. If the team has success, then we all have success. You don’t see too many people being selfish. we have great vets and great leaders on that defense. It goes hand in hand with helping being as dominant as we have been this season.”

On playing in front of the Philly crowd

“They always told me playoff football is different when you get to the Linc. I already knew our fans are crazy. How they travel. The beginning and middle of the season felt like every game was a home game no matter if it was here or away. The passion that Philly fans come to the game with, I love it. i expect more if not the same from them this weekend.”

You can listen to their full conversation with Nakobe Dean below…