The Best Show Ever?

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PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA - DECEMBER 23: Head coach Doc Rivers of the Philadelphia 76ers reacts during the fourth quarter against the LA Clippers at Wells Fargo Center on December 23, 2022 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Sixers have won 11 of 13 games. Though you may not realize they have been playing that well if you looked at Sixers’ Twitter. But was has changed that has the Sixers clicking recently? Keith Pompey joined “The Best Show Ever?” to discuss that, the fan’s anger towards Doc Rivers, if they can compete in the East, and more. Here is some of what Keith had to say.

On What Has The Sixers Playing So Well Right Now

“I think they have been playing well. The biggest takeaway for me is how Joel and James have been able to mesh during this stretch. Early on in the season it just didn’t really work out. The rhythm wasn’t there. It seems like after they went to Houston, and James laid an egg in that game, they have been playing so much better…. You are looking at Embiid averaging 33.5 pts. Harden averaging 10.8 assists, with 20 points. They look like one of the most dominant duos in the NBA, if not the most dominant duo right now.”

On Where The Anger from Fans Toward Doc Rivers is Coming From

“People aren’t going to be happy with Doc until he wins a championship here in Philadelphia… The one thing I will say is there were some late-game blunders. You thought they had everything locked up. Next thing you know it was like a track meet getting to the basket against the Sixers. So things did fall apart. But a win is a win.” 

On If Matisse Thybulle Should Get More Minutes

“I honestly think that you have Maxey back on the floor, that you can get by with (Thybulle) not shooting. He can be in certain lineups where you have more shooters on the floor… The one thing that I can’t stress enough… is they are 8-0 when he plays at least 20 minutes. They are 13-4 when he plays at least 10 minutes. When he is out there, things happen. If you noticed, he has been getting more minutes since Maxey got back. You put him on the floor with Shake, put him on the floor with Maxey and Melton together, and you can get by with not shooting the ball. Just because they have other guys that teams have to account for.”  

On If They Can Compete With The Best Teams In The East

“Right now, it’s tough for me to say that. We have only had 6 games with that starting lineup together. This month is huge to find out the pluses and minuses of some of these guys that they have. They do have an open roster spot. And they do have some guys that aren’t playing. You would think they want to go out and bring someone else in there. When you look at Boston, Milwaukee, or Brooklyn, they have horses. I don’t know if they can compete with them right now… But that could change within the month. As good as Montrez is. I do think they need another interior guy to come in off the bench and do certain things.”

 And you can listen to the full conversation with Keith Pompey below…