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NAPLES, FLORIDA - DECEMBER 10: Scott Stallings of the United States hits from the 3rd tee during round two of the QBE Shootout at Tiburon Golf Club on December 10, 2022 in Naples, Florida.

See what was brewing with Jen Scordo today! Every day on “The Best Show Ever?” she shares 3 recent weird and interesting news stories. That includes one story today about the Masters sending an invite to the wrong golfer named Scott Stallings. Here are the stories she shared with us today.

The Masters’ Invites The Wrong Scott Stallings

Scott Stallings is the 54th-ranked golfer in the world. But Scott Stallings is also an amateur golfer. Both Scotts live in Georiga. And oddly enough they both have a wife named Jennifer. But when The Masters sent out an invite to Scott Stallings, they sent it to the wrong Scott. The highly ranked Scott was left checking his mailbox every day impatiently waiting to get the invite. While the other Scott, who is not a professional golfer, received the invite in the mail. Luckily other Scott understood that the Masters was not randomly inviting him to compete, and he reached out to Pro Scott. He sent him a DM with a picture of the invite, and the full story about why it would be accidentally sent to him instead.

Georgia man mistakenly receives Scott Stallings' Masters invite

PGA golfer Scott Stallings has been an expecting his Masters invite for weeks He received a direct message on Twitter Sunday from another Scott Stallings The other Scott Stallings had received his invitation to the 2023 Masters Confusion is understandable, considering their wives also share the same name The PGA

People Are Eating Their Christmas Trees

It is that time of year when everyone drags their Christmas Tree down to the curb to get rid of it. But some people have chosen a different way to dispose of their trees. Eating it. No not exactly taking big bits out of it. But one woman took to Tik Tok to share the many ways you can use the pine needles, and even the trunk, so that you do not need to throw it out. The needles can be used like rosemary or sage to flavor food, or to enhance a gin, or even make tea. And she even suggested ways to turn the tree itself into food.

“She also recommended putting sections of the Christmas tree in a hot oven until they are charred and then putting them into a blender to create pine ash to be used for flavor.”

It seems to me a single Christmas tree was way too many needles to use them all, but if people are in fact finding ways to reuse their trees instead of just throwing them out, more power to them. They will be drinking pine needle tea for months though to get through it all.

People are discarding their Christmas trees - by eating them

The end of the holiday season means that people are getting rid of their Christmas trees en masse, but some are keeping their holiday evergreens alive - by eating them. The latest trend has people giving their beloved Christmas trees new life by using the branches as an ingredient in recipes.

It is a Great Time To Be Short

One New York Times author has written an article suggesting that the world would be much better off if we were all a little bit shorter. And she went as far as to suggest it would be best if women started mating with shorter men to achieve that future. The idea is shorter people need less total energy, and therefore consume less food and water. Pat Egan is doing the world a favor apparently by being so short. We should all appreciate Pat more.

Opinion | There Has Never Been a Better Time to Be Short

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