The Best Show Ever?

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TEMPE, ARIZONA - DECEMBER 11: Head coach John tortorella of the Philadelphia Flyers watches from the bench during the second period of the NHL game at Mullett Arena on December 11, 2022 in Tempe, Arizona.

After an ugly start to the season, the Flyers have started to string together some wins. But is the head coach happy with how they are playing? To get some insight into why the team is now winning, “The Best Show Ever?” talked to head coach John Tortorella. What is his team doing differently now that has them winning? Here is some of what coach Tortorella had to say about what he is seeing, his thoughts on the different players on his team, and more.

On What has Changed With His Team Recently

“We are playing better. I think we are playing better as a team. Individuals are improving. But I think we are playing better as a team within our structure. The young goalie who stepped in here, Errson, after a hinky way of starting in Carolina, getting thrown back in. I think he has played very well.”

On The Progression of Cam York

“The biggest thing with Cam is he is trying to make a difference. That was my biggest beef with him when we sent him down. First of all, I don’t think was ready overall. But secondly, he was lying in the weeds. During camp, he just wasn’t trying to make a difference at all in the exhibition games. Couldn’t find him in practice… Now he is on his toes. He is still making mistakes, which is to be expected. But he is making a difference. I think he is playing very well.”

On Travis Konecny

“He has been our best player. Other than our two goalies, I think TK has been our most consistent player. He kills penalties for us. Is out there for Power plays, 4 on 4s, 3 on 3s. I look all the time for him on the bench. I have watched him from afar when I wasn’t coaching him. This guy plays hard. He is a hockey player, he just goes out and plays.” 

On the Struggles of Ivan Provorov

“Provy started off really well. I think has been inconsistent through the middle part of this year. He is beginning to find his game again. He is a guy who I think has been inconsistent. I think the key for Provy is to not hold onto the puck too long. His game deteriorates when he tries to make the perfect play instead of the simple play. Sometimes players want to make the hard play when the simple play is right there for them. I think that is when Provy puts himself in knots.”

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