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It is week 13, and only a few more weeks until we are in the Fantasy Football playoffs. This is your last chance to climb into a playoff spot. Or if you are already in it, you just need to hold on for a few more weeks. Either way, time is running out on the regular season for your Fantasy Football league. And to make sure you are playing in your playoffs, you could use some help from a Fantasy Football Expert. Enter Eric Karabell.

Every week ESPN Fantasy Expert  Eric Karabell joins “The Best Show Ever?” to dish out some Fantasy Advice before the Thursday game when the week officially starts. It is your chance to get your burning fantasy questions answered. Are you unsure of who to put into the final flex spot? Do you have two QBs and don’t know which one is the better play? And there are a lot of players on bye weeks, so maybe you need advice on who to replace your starters with from your team’s bench.

Reach out to us each Thursday, and we will ask him your questions when he joins us at 4 pm. And tune in to hear what his advice is. And if you miss it live, you can come back here to listen to it after the fact. Here is what Karabell had to say for week 13.

Here is what Karabell Had To Say About The Fantasy Value of Players in the Week 13 Matchup Between the Eagles and Titans…

“It’s not really great matchup for (Brown). Tennessee is a very good defense. The secondary is good. AJ Brown is usually a borderline top-10 WR in fantasy. He doesn’t get the volume of other top 10 WRs generally. And I don’t think the Eagles will force it this week either. The Eagles will do what they did the last few weeks. Try to establish the run. Hurts will do some magic. You can never guess who will get the receiving TDs. I do think it will be a great game for Derrick Henrey… The Eagles could be run on even before Jordan Davis got hurt. If you’ve got Henrey you should be expecting 100 yards and a TD.  There are no other Titans. Treylon Burks no, Ryan Tannehill no. it is Derrick Henrey on the Titans side, and you know your Eagles.”

And you can listen to the full segment below…