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There are some weird chip flavors out there. We even once made Anthony test taste some of them made by pringles. But today on The Anthony Gargano show, they found out about a new flavor of chip, that derailed nearly an entire segment of the show while they reacted to it. What kind of chip flavor could garner that reaction? Well, these chips are vagina flavored.

Yes, you read that right. Chazz Chips in Lithuania is selling chips, that they claim tastes like a vagina. Why release this flavor? Well, the company claims that research shows that millennials are having less sex than their parents did at the same age. And Chazz says they are a sex-positive company. So they hope releasing this chip will inspire more 30-year-olds to have a more casual approach to sex. So if you haven’t had any “Lays” in a while, Chazz chips could soon be alternative to satisfy your hunger for “chips.”

And Chazz took getting the flavor of this chip right seriously. They apparently sent several people out to do “research” on what exactly it tastes like. And they joked on their site that “P.S. For girls and women: if this or previous year you were pleased by someone, it is very likely that you have directly contributed to the creation of this taste.”

What ingredients went into getting that taste right? The website listed sour cream, and also “natural flavoring.” If you want to buy them, they are available on their site for 9.99 Euros. Though they are only available in Europe, getting them shipped to the States may add some extra shipping costs.

You can watch Anthony and Andrew’s full reaction to hearing about these chips below…