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PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA - SEPTEMBER 11: Rhys Hoskins #17 (L) and Kyle Schwarber #12 of the Philadelphia Phillies celebrate following a three run home run by Hoskins during the fifth inning against the Washington Nationals at Citizens Bank Park on September 11, 2022 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Every day on “The Best Show Ever?” we ask the question of the day. Today our question was would you take either Kyle Schwarber or Rhys Hoskins out of the lineup for game 3?

The two of them have been brutal at the plate so far in the playoffs. Kyle Scwarber has yet to get on base and his only production has come from two sac flys. Rhys has just one hit. They are a combined 1-34 at the plate. And having all of that, at the top of your lineup, is making it very hard to score runs and keep rallies going. And after last night’s loss, there were many Phillies fans angrily tweeting to bench the both of them.

But in doing so you would be taking 76 HRS out of the lineup. And who are you going to replace them with? Matt Vierling? Edmundo Sosa? The Phillies’ bench is not exactly full of potent bats. And both Schwarber and Hoskins are capable of going from ice-cold to red-hot in one at-bat. The point is moot regardless because there is zero chance Rob Thomson would remove either of them from the lineup. But enough people on Twitter were throwing out the idea of benching the slumping sluggers that it was worth seeing what people thought.

The members of the show unanimously agreed that it would a bad idea. You don’t pull that much power from the lineup, no matter how poorly they are hitting. They also agreed that they wouldn’t even move them down. You got to this point hitting them 1 and 2, and the Phillies don’t really have better options. But what did our listeners think?

Here are some of the best answers we got from you all on Twitter…