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PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA - SEPTEMBER 19: C.J. Gardner-Johnson #23 and Avonte Maddox #29 of the Philadelphia Eagles celebrate after an interception by Maddox against the Minnesota Vikings during the third quarter at Lincoln Financial Field on September 19, 2022 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Ahead of the Eagles game vs the Jaguars on Sunday, we got the unfortunate news that Avonte Maddox will be out with an ankle injury. So to get the scoop on what the Eagles will do to fill that hole, as well as other Eagles topics, Dave Zangaro joined The Best Show Ever. Here is what Dave had to say…

On Avonte Maddox Being Out

“That’s a big loss in any game. He has played really well this season. Specifically in this game. Christain Kirk is their best WR. And he operates 63% of his snaps out of the slot. It’s a tough deal to figure out. The Eagles have some options, but ideally, they’d have Avonte Maddox. Josiah Scott is a player I like quite a bit. he impressed me in training camp. they kind of cross-trained him at Safety and at Nickel Corner. Actually a former Jaguar himself. I think that’s a fine option.

The real question is do they feel comfortable moving Gardner Johnson this soon into his time here? He is still learning that safety position. But if I’m Jonathan Gannon I’m looking at him and saying I have a top 5, top 10 nickel corner in the league in Gardner Johnson. It has to be really tempting to plug him into that nickel corner spot… I know that a lot of times teams prefer to not shuffle things around like that. But if it’s your best option you have to do it.”

On if the Defensive Line Can Continue Top Play Like They Did In Week 3

“It helps to have a QB hold the football for as long as Carson did. I think they are a talented front. It is very much tied to the secondary too. Not just how talented they are, but how aggressive they let those guys be.  If you give a 15-yard cushion, the defensive line is never going to have time to get after the Qb. Those two thing work in unison. And they perfected that last week. It was a really nice marriage of the two.

I think they have the ability to get after the passer. They have good enough players up there. Whether it is Hasson Reddick, Brandon Graham, and Josh Sweat off the edge. Cox can still win one on one. So can Javon Hargrave. And even Jordan Davis last week showed me something. So I think they have the ability to do that. The one thing with Trevor Lawrence is he is a threat to move out of the pocket and throw on the run. The Eagles have to be aware of that.”

On Dallas Goedert’s Ceiling

“It’s always important to remember with Dallas, is a lot of what he does, doesn’t show up in that stat sheet. At times it can be the curse of a dual-threat Tight End. He is such a good blocker, and that means a ton to this team. Honestly, his ceiling is the best TE in the league. He can be that. He’s that talented. You see it after the catch. His ability on that screen pass last week, not many guys can do that. He’s the closest thing in this league to George Kittle. When you look at his ability as a pass catcher, a run blocker, and an explosive playmaker. There aren’t many guys who can do all those things. He can… By the end of the season, I think we will look at his stats and say that’s a career year for him. I really think he is already one of the best TEs in the league.”

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