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PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA - SEPTEMBER 19: Jalen Hurts #1 of the Philadelphia Eagles looks on against the Minnesota Vikings at Lincoln Financial Field on September 19, 2022 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

After a great win vs the Vikings, Jeff McLane joined The Anthony Gargano Show to discuss the win, Jalen Hurts performance, and the Eagles facing Carson Wentz for the first time since they traded him away. Here is what Jeff had to say.

On If the Eagles Played a Perfect Game on Monday

“Pretty close to it. The first half offensively certainly you could say that it was perfect. And Defensively for the entire game, aside from a few moments, near perfect as well. Special teams had a little bit of a slip-up with the field goal. If you are standing back and looking at game 2 of this season, you have to be very happy with where the Eagles stand right now.”

On The Progress Jalen Hurts Has Made

“In terms of throwing the ball, that is where you’ve seen Jalen elevate his game. And we saw it during training camp. We saw it in the first drive of the preseason game. Then we saw it at times in the opener against the Lions. Jalen was able to sit there in the pocket and do what he’s learned. You saw the advancements he made going through his reads, seeing the field, and also his mechanics. He is now getting much better at moving and throwing to his left and using the middle of the field. He basically went every time to where the ball needed to go. it wasn’t just down the field, but it was also certain check downs. In a lot of those cases, they picked up a lot of yards. So it was just a great game by Jalen.”

On Carson Wentz Facing the Eagles For the First Time

“Carson has a lot of good things about him as a player. I’m not saying he is not mentally tough. But I think this is something that outwardly can affect him. You’re going to have a lot of Eagles fans down there, and tthe crowd may turn Eagles. Carson is known to do things that are not what you want your Qb doing. He wants to take the whole world on his shoulders. If he goes in thinking that way, it could get bad for them. That being said, he has the ability. Its just all these other things, like the Superman complex, that have hurt him in his career.”

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