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It’s Game Day! And you know Anthony Gargano was excited. Here was how Anthony opened his show ahead of the Eagles Viking on MNF.

“I love these things. It’s week 2. The Home Opener. MNF. This is awesome. I love when the town is excited. It is my happy place. I always loved sports that take you back to when you were a kid. It’s a new season. They are 1-0. I spent a lot of time all Weekend deliberating about this game.

I liked Minnesota before the season. They can surprise a lot of people. I thought Zimmer held them back. And I don’t think Cousins is bad at all. You give him the weapons that he has, he can make some noise. If you have Jefferson, Theilen, Dalvin Cook, and a decent offensive line. Look, you are going to be good.

I gotta tell you, I think the Eagles win. It’s an overwhelming feeling that I have. Now that is just a gut feeling. It is hard to handicap after week 1 and feel really good about it. I talked last week about week 1 being an anomaly. You have to play for at least a few weeks before you have a handle on certain teams. I think I have a good vibe about the Eagles though. I think they are a team that is going to score points. They should score over 27 points a week. I really believe that…

The Eagles have a top-flight offense. You have two great wide receivers, a top Tight End, a running game, and a QB that can move. I think that equates to points.

It’s going to come down to how good is the Eagles’ defense. That I don’t know. That is going to give us a good barometer on who the Eagles are defensively. I like a lot of the young players on defense. Howie Roseman had a great off-season. My question can they get enough pressure? Can they generate organic pressure without blitzing? I am wondering about some of the veterans on the line. What does Fletch and Hargrave got? Can the defensive line create the havoc that I am expecting them to? And then of course there is the Gannon factor.

Looking at week 1, and then week 2, The Lions looked really good yesterday. St Brown went off. And swift was as well. Plus Goff played well. That game bodes well for the Eagles. And in the same vein, the Packers flexed last night, granted it’s the Bears, which bodes well for Minnesota. When you break it down, I think these teams are very evenly matched. I might give a little nod to Minnesota. You have Cook who is clearly the better back than Miles Sanders. And you have Jefferson, but then you have AJ Brown and Devonte, so that is maybe a wash. And then at Qb one is better with his arm, and one is better with his legs.

I think these two teams are going to have something to say when it comes to the NFC…

But we have a game tonight. I just want to hear joy and happiness going to the game. Because I know we live for this stuff.  I could use a fun celebration on an Eagles Monday.”

Listen to his full Opening Diatribe ahead of MNF below…